Temporary Amnesia

I don’t really know what happened this morning.

One moment I was driving out of the condo, and the next moment I come to my senses and I’m already halfway to work.

What happened to those 10 minutes of my time?

I have four theories:

  1. I teleported
  2. I have temporary amnesia
  3. There’s a glitch in the ‘program’. None of this is real. We are all living in a virtual world created by machines who have enslaved humans to harvest energy from our bodies.
  4. I have stumbled across a pocket of electro magnetic energy. “STOP THE DRILLING”. “I’m going to detonate a H-Bomb at the Swan station”. *white flash*

Which of the above happened to me?

5 thoughts on “Temporary Amnesia”

  1. My guess: you were half asleep, or you weren’t paying attention to yourself during that time because it was all so routine. And routine things are the least likely to remember because they’ve become “automatic”.

    Adino: That’s a possible explanation!

  2. I would choose number three. Explains your inconsistencies 🙂 among others hahahahahah

    Adino: Yeah that would explain a lot

  3. Theory:
    When you are about to enter your car, you saw a really pretty bombshell.
    So for the next few minutes, you are drooling all over her, while you drive (like a drunken)
    Then after 10 minutes, suddenly guilt hit you
    “How can I do this to my wife?”
    You quickly hide pretend that nothing had ever happened
    Thus that part of memory is forever buried 😛

    Adino: Don’t tell people my secrets la. How did you find out?

    “I swear on my virtual Digi stock certificates I have never met that model”


  4. you got kidnapped by aliens lah, thats why you ‘lost’ the 10 minutes lo! dun believe me ask mulder

    Adino: Maybe… I wonder if they implanted anything inside my body.

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