Tang Yuan

It seemed like I wouldn’t be able to enjoy any tang yuan this year.

This sweet delight is normally eaten during the winter solstice celebration.

I couldn’t attend any family dinners, and I had no idea this celebration was coming.

a bowl of tang yuan

Earlier tonight, Poey Chin went to Sook Fong‘s house for dinner (while I was at office having enjoying a Christmas party), and brought home some.

I enjoyed the big ones most, because there were crushed peanuts inside. I couldn’t finish the whole bowl.

While I was taking photos of the bowl of tang yuan, Poey Chin put this on baby Rachel.

Mama asked me to wear this. Cute or not?

She looks like a little milk maid.

Baby Rachel cute pose

1 thought on “Tang Yuan”

  1. I’m linking to your post about how lurkers can come out of the closet. Loved it…it’s going to post Xmas Day.

    Rachel is darling.

    Adino: Thanks Jill. I’m glad you liked it!

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