Rachel’s First Movie Date


Last week we took Rachel to watch Kung Fu Panda 2: The Kaboom of Doom.

She had been very well behaved, and I wanted to treat her to a special experience. She had never been to a cinema before so I decided to bring her to watch this movie.

We were not sure if she would be too scared, so for one week before the movie we explained to her how it was going to be like.

We said it was going to be dark, and we were going to watch a big TV and it was going to be very loud. At home I turned off the lights, parked her in front of the computer and blasted Kung Fu Panda trailers from YouTube.

She loved it, so that was one problem settled. Next was deciding if we should buy her a ticket.

So I tweeted @gscinemas to ask if a three year old child need to buy a cinema ticket. They replied it was okay to share. I figured if we were going on a weekday, chances are there would be extra seats anyway. Else she could sit on my lap.

The big movie day came, and we dropped Daryl at the babysitter and made our way to GSC in 1 Utama. Horror of horrors, by 11 AM the crowd was already queuing for tickets and the movie was almost sold out.

We wanted to get twin seats but we could only get seats at the third row from the screen.

She was okay when the movie started, until the scene where the crocodile villains raided the village for metal. It got really loud and Rachel asked to leave.

So I carried her to the back of the cinema and stood there for a while. She still wanted to leave so I took her outside.

I tried persuading her to watch the movie but she refused so I called Poey Chin to bring Rachel’s bag and I went out of the cinema while Poey Chin watched the movie alone.

Rachel and I held hands and walked to the bowling alley where we watched people bowling. Then we went to the 2nd floor to walk around.

I brought her downstairs to McDonald’s and we had an ice cream together. So happens there was a Barney ride so she happily sat there for almost twenty minutes.

Rachel and Barney

Although my original plan of watching a movie failed, I still enjoyed the time I spent with her. We walked, held hands and talked. Rachel is so chatty now. She can talk and sing songs non stop from morning till night.

I was a bit sad when time was up, and Poey Chin called to say the movie was over. She told me that baby Po really reminded her of Daryl boy.

A wonderful date, and a day I will remember for a long time.

Rachel’s 3rd Birthday Party

Two weeks ago we celebrated Rachel’s third birthday. We invited our immediate families over for a simple home-cooked dinner. It was a week day so it started quite late.

While the adults ate, the kids mostly played and went wild.

Poey Chin got some party masks and party blowers for the kids. Here’s Ethan kor kor with a cow mask.

Rachel joining in the action. She copies everything he does.

Lucas ti ti playing with a balloon. He’s a few months younger than Rachel, but she is always bullying him.

They went over to Daryl’s crib for a while.

Poor Daryl couldn’t join in the fun.

He spent most of the evening with ma ma and yeh yeh.

Time for cake and desserts. This was a Tigger and Pooh themed fondant cake. It was our first time trying this type of cake. It looked nice but doesn’t taste as good as icing.

Trying to get a family photo.

Rachel was supposed to blow the candle but she was too shy. Funny how she pretends to blow candles every night when we sing her bedtime songs, but she doesn’t want to do it now.

She just clung close to me.

The cake after the candle had been removed. The balloons on the cake were the first to go. On the side is a mixed fruit agar-agar I made.

We asked Rachel to cut the birthday cake. I love how she looks when she concentrates.

I cut up the rest of the cake. The filling was a vanilla-orange cake.

Rachel having her slice of cake.

A very big bite from a very big slice.

Even more cake.

Sugar high.

By that time, Daryl was so tired because it was past his bedtime.

Presents time!

Rachel got this set of pots and pans from Uncle Eric and Aunty Lydia.

She got a pretty dress from my in-laws Eric and Wai Cheng.

She got a Barbie car from Aunty Judy, and my cousins (she should call them Aunty Janelle, Aunty Jasmyne and Uncle Jarron). She tried to sit on top of the car, so we quickly stuffed her monkey inside so she would get the idea that it’s not for her to sit on.

She also received some ang pau money, which will go into her savings account for her college education.

It was a nice dinner. Thanks everyone for coming, thanks for the presents and thanks Eric for taking photos!


Rachel Is 3 Years Old

Today Rachel turns 3.

It seemed like all that time flew past in the blink of an eye.

I can still remember the moment Rachel was born three years ago. We were so excited and scared being first-time parents. We didn’t know what to do with that screaming bundle that we brought home from the hospital.

We made a lot of mistakes with her. Something every first-born child has to go through I guess. In many ways raising Daryl is so much easier because Rachel blazed the trail.

Anyway, this year we are not having any special birthday celebration for Rachel. Just a home cooked meal tonight with my family.

A couple of weeks ago, MPH had a 20% discount for members so we took the opportunity to buy this birthday present for Rachel.

mr men the complete collection front

The Mr Men complete collection.

It’s a box of 50 books by Roger Hargreaves, each book telling the story of characters with peculiar characteristics like Mr Messy and Mr Topsy Turvy.

mr men the complete collection top

These books have been around a long time, I remember seeing them when I was a child.

We actually discovered some of these books at the library, and Rachel absolutely loved the books. We found that they helped us to teach her concepts like neatness.

mr men the complete collection back

I think these books would be a good addition to our personal library. Even though it may cost a lot, Rachel, Daryl and Caleb are going to be reading the books for many years to come.

I called a couple of MPH branches and was happy to find out they had stock available. I made a reservation and went to collect it. I must mention the excellent customer service of the bookstore, they made the effort to find the book and hold it for me at the customer service counter. They also helped me renew my membership card like it was their pleasure to do so.

Anyway, the book was priced at RM299 and I got it at 20% discount. Divide that by 50 and each book would only cost RM4.80.

We’re also getting her a Tigger and Pooh birthday cake, can’t wait to see how that turns out.