Baby Updates: Week 16

This morning Poey Chin and I woke up at the crack of 8:15am to trudge our way to the doctor’s office in Sunway. We usually wake up at 8:45, so 8:15 was really early.

My darling wife lay on the table and the wizard of obstetrics started to use his supersonic device to take a look at baby. He placed the device on my wife’s belly, said a few magic words and behold, an image appeared on a portal beside the examination table!

Now, the last time we looked at baby on the ultrasound all we could see was baby’s head and baby’s body which mostly consisted of the heart, and we saw tiny arms.

This morning, we could actually see that baby had a baby shape! It was so amazing to see that baby had formed arms and legs and we could see baby’s head grown to a more ‘human’ shape.

Best of all, baby was quite active. Moving the hands, shifting the (long) legs. Looks like baby was doing some kung-fu or something.

I think baby was quite awake and wondering what was happening. “Why is mama’s heart beating so fast?”

Doctor said that baby was growing well, and baby being active is a good sign.

Then it was time to take a snapshot. Doctor moved around a bit but baby just wouldn’t co-operate. Then doctor got a good angle and paused his hand over the ‘Freeze’ button. I told baby to say “Cheese” (okay I didn’t, because doctor looks very serious) and doctor printed the snapshot for us.

After the scan, doctor prescribes some mild antibiotics for Poey Chin because she is having a cough and a throat infection. Then we had to go for a ‘triple screening’ blood test.

We took the option to test for Down’s syndrome (I read later that this is not an accurate test… it just tells us if we need to go for further tests. I also realised that we didn’t really need to do the test).

Total cost for this visit: RM287.

Wow, I didn’t know there’s so much to write about when it comes to baby. Maybe it’s time to start a baby blog!

Anyway, have a happy weekend. Tune in again next week, when I will reveal some of the baby names I have long listed!

P/S: Long list is a draft version of the pre-final version of the short list.