Rachel November 2011

Rachel has grown up rather quickly in the past few months.

She’s three and-a-half years old, but she seems to behave older than that. Maybe she mixes with older kids at her daycare, but the way she speaks seems to be beyond her years.

She has grown taller now, and she’s lost her baby chubbiness.

She loves to dress up, do up her hair and put on perfume.

Rachel has mastered her ABCs. Now she’s learning phonic sounds and I’m teaching her to read.

She likes to do colouring and writing.

201111 rachel 1

She’s too young to really know how to write. She can trace the words but take away the guide and she can’t remember how to write.

201111 rachel 2

There are a lot of useful YouTube videos that are excellent resources to teach Rachel how to read.

201111 rachel 3

Poey Chin is a huge influence on Rachel. Rachel follows everything she does, from the way she walks, to the way she moves and even the way she talks.

She always wants to play “mother” to Caleb, but we are still watchful.

201111 rachel 4

Sometimes my mother will occupy Rachel’s attention with some computer games.

201111 rachel 5

Rachel loves playing this memory game, which I think is useful for her mental development.

201111 rachel 6

She loves doing jigsaw puzzles too.

I still have my frustrating moments with Rachel. You would expect her to grow out of her “baby” stage but sometimes she will be so unreasonable and be worse than her baby brothers.

She really upsets me sometimes… she can be so stubborn.

But I still love her so much, even if I’m strict with her. She can be so sweet and adorable.

201111 rachel 7

She is starting to understand things if we take the time to explain to her the reasons.

I’m really happy that she stopped making a fuss before going to daycare. It’s a normal part of her daily routine now.

In the next few months I hope she can continue learning, and she will learn to be more understanding and obedient.



Daryl November 2011

It’s been a while since I’ve recorded down the progress of Daryl boy.

He’s one and-a-half years old, and has mastered walking and running. He is starting to climb up on our dining chairs.

He and Rachel run around the house screaming (driving me mad), but he’s still a bit clumsy on his feet.

Daryl is so active now that it’s tiring to keep up with him.

He insists on holding a spoon during mealtimes, with comical results.

201111 daryl 1

In terms of speech, he can pretty much imitate the words we say, but in baby talk. He can communicate by pointing around and using some words.

He can sing along to his favourite songs, but he only knows the last word of each line (e.g. twinkle twinkle little STAR, how i wonder what you ARE).

Every time we go out, he will repeat the words Nut Nut and Ant Ants! Funny how he can still remember that.

201111 daryl 2

He is starting to get a sense of humour. He can laugh at silly jokes, especially while playing with Rachel.

In terms of social development he’s quite shy, but he will gladly chat with any kakak he sees.

His teeth have all developed, with the exception of the molars beside his incisors.

We estimate he weighs the same as Rachel now.

201111 daryl 3

We are starting to read books to him. He can recognize pictures like duck and cat but his attention span is pretty short, can’t sit more than 5 minutes.

He can sit longer when watching videos. We usually play him some Barney DVDs or some nursery rhymes on YouTube.

He is starting to become very demanding. One time we were at a quiet Japanese restaurant and we were so embarassed because he kept screaming.

He screamed because he wanted to drink my green tea and eat my rice. I was feeding him but he wouldn’t wait for me to cut the food in smaller portions.

A little preview of the coming terrible twos I suppose.

In the next few months I’m hoping that he can get more stable on his feet, then we won’t have to worry about him falling down.

I know he’s going to keep testing his boundaries but I hope we will be able to deal with it better.


My Mummy and Caleb

One of the coolest things about having kids, is seeing elements of yourself in them.

I don’t have many photos of myself as a baby, so you might have seen them before.

I’ve got this photo of my mom carrying me while I was a baby.

Adino and Mummy

32 years later…

caleb and grandma

I could stare at those photos all day.

Mummy doesn’t look like she has aged at all.

I wonder if my digital photos can survive decades until the children have their own kids.

I imagine they would be comparing photos of themselves with their kids too.