Dealing With Extreme Frustration

Have you ever felt really frustrated with the situation you are in? Have you ever been in a situation where things go wrong through no fault of your own?

Do you feel lost in dealing with frustration? Have you ever wondered how others deal with frustrations in life?

I was inspired to write this article on dealing with frustration because of something that is happening to my friend. I see the situation from within, and I looked at it from another perspective. Either way, there is a lot of frustration on all sides.

Frustration always happens when we don’t get what we want. For example, I would be frustrated if I was in line at the grocery store and the cashier was slow. The source of frustration would be me not being able to complete my transaction quickly. In another example, I would be frustrated with someone who disagrees with me, because I cannot that person to think the way I want them to think.

Frustration that is not managed properly can be very destructive. When we get frustrated,we find that we become very tense and stressed. My back muscles can harden and bunch up until it hurts to lie down. My blood pressure increases. Different people have different reactions to frustration. Some people who are more extrovert will display their frustration, while introverts may keep it bottled inside.

Extreme frustration happens when the stress becomes too much for you to handle. You make rash decisions. You get easily angered. You get paranoid. You engage in anti-social behavior.

How do we deal with extreme frustration? Through my observations, I have noticed people doing different things. Some people have the most remarkable ability to let things slide off. It’s like they’re Teflon: nothing sticks. Some people resign themselves to the fact that nothing can be done. They leave it to karma, or divine justice to improve the situation.

Personally, I handle frustrations by converting the stored ‘energy’ into actions. A good way for me to get my mind off things is to exercise. For example, I was so upset one day I swam 80 laps in the pool. By doing that I get to release stress, work out my muscles, and have time to think things through.

Writing this article has taught me look deep within myself to the source of my frustration. Is there something that I can’t get? I’ll have to explore my feelings to find out. I guess in the process of growing up, everyone will come to this realization.

So, how do you handle frustration? I would love to hear from you.