Our Two Boys

Today I want to share with you some photos of our sons Daryl and Caleb.

Cute chubby Daryl, so adorable and lovable. He walks everywhere and can be so manja sometimes.

201108 sons 1

He is imitating everything Rachel does. He will try to dance, run around, scream and even trying to sit on the potty like her.

At this stage he can’t sit still and sometimes it looks like he’s starting to test his boundaries.

He is growing so quickly. Just last month we bought him a pair of shoes, and recently we had to buy him another pair.

His incisors are starting to grow out, and he’s started chewing on things around the house again. Here he’s chewing on his baby chair.

201108 sons 2

Daryl and Caleb taking a nap.

It’s quite difficult to predict how the both of them will get along. At this moment Daryl still treats Caleb like a toy.

He will go “ti ti” *poke Caleb’s tummy*, “ti ti” *poke Caleb’s hand*

201108 sons 3

Caleb will just lie still, looking a little puzzled with that perpetual frown, listening to our voices. I don’t think his eyesight is good enough to see us properly yet.

Oh oh, Caleb woke up. I was trying to move them closer together to capture both their faces in focus, but woke Caleb up instead.

201108 sons 4

Next photo with Daryl in focus. I look at Daryl now and he’s starting to grow out of his baby stage and enter his toddler stage. That time seemed to pass so quickly and I feel a bit of sadness and regret.

Never mind, I still have baby Caleb to fill that gap.

I don’t really have any idea how it will be like when they get older.

201108 sons 5

I just hope the two of them will remain our little angels forever.

The confinement auntie is leaving in a few days. Our ‘honeymoon’ period is over, and we will be trying to juggle all three of the kids by ourselves.

P/S: Is it just me, or does Caleb look like he’s balding? *sob sob*

Rachel and Daryl August 2011

Last week I got the chance to take some photos of the older kids.

I have to tell you that it’s so hard to take photos because:

a) I’m not very skilled at photography, so I already have trouble getting a clear, in-focus photo.
b) Kids won’t co-operate by staying still or strike a pose for you.
c) Try to take photos of two kids together and the difficulty increases exponentially.

Let’s start off with a photo of Daryl boy. I mentioned a few weeks ago about his hair. You can see his hair all black and grown longer now. Of course, baby Caleb had to be born with much more darker and longer hair in comparison.

I put a bear to try and get the light and camera setup right before placing the kids there, but naturally they can’t wait and just barged in.

daryl chang august 2011

Daryl remains so cheerful. He can smile from the moment he wakes up until he goes to sleep. Just looking at him will make you smile because he’s so cute.

Okay I just want to mention one thing about the shirt he was wearing. Yes, he’s wearing one of Rachel’s old shirts (which had a rather feminine design). That’s my fault for trying to re-use clothes.

daryl chang august 2011

This is Rachel’s monkey. Rachel says this is her 3rd brother. In the background you can see Daryl climbing on the bed to get to monkey.

monkey chang

Daryl has gotten so chubby nowadays. He’s just eating all the time.

He can now say a few more words, like “walk walk” and “ti ti”, and can point to various parts of his body. He can bathe in the shower now (no need baby tub).

Here I took a photo of him sitting on his baby chair watching videos on my computer.

daryl chang august 2011

In the next photo we have Daryl and Rachel together. I could not get them both to look at the camera at the same time.

Poey Chin was trying to distract Daryl off camera and he got a bit too distracted. See how playful and cheeky he is.

We’re not so careful about the two of them being together now. Daryl isn’t so fragile now and Rachel has learned to be more careful.

daryl and rachel chang august 2011

Another shot of Rachel and Daryl, this time with Rachel looking at the camera.

You can see Rachel has grown out of her toddler years. She is so chatty and┬ámischievous all the time. She demands a lot but I realize she’s just asking for our love and attention.

rachel and daryl chang august 2011

I love this photo. She’s was trying to make a funny face, and then she made herself laugh so the camera captured this beautiful smile.

rachel chang august 2011

Funny story. A couple of nights ago she was asking for milk before it was time, and I tried to distract her by browsing YouTube for kid videos.

I saw a Justin Bieber video and clicked. When she saw him she stopped whining.

She didn’t say a word and kept staring.

Me: “Rachel you like this song?”

Rachel: “Mmm” (yes)

Me: “You like this ko-ko?”

Rachel: “Mmm”

Me: “He handsome or not?”

Rachel: “Mmm”

Song finishes a few minutes later.

Me: “You want to hear one more time?”

Rachel: “Mmm”

Few minutes later…

Rachel: “Baby baby baby OHH… baby baby baby OHH… baby baby baby… ”

Poey Chin: “Adino Chang! What have you done!?”

Daryl Boy Walking

Today Daryl boy took his first steps. What an exciting time for us as his parents and grandparents.

Finally he is able to stand on his own two feet. One more step towards independence.

It comes at a good time too, because baby Caleb will be born in a couple of days.

Poey Chin joked that he wants to get our attention so he’s doing some new tricks haha.

I’ve captured a video of him walking, mashed with a video showing when he stood up for the first time a few months back.

Click here if you can’t see the video embedded below.