Baby Caleb’s First Days

Here are some photos taken while Caleb was still in hospital.

Caleb at one day old.

caleb birth aug 2011 1

When he was first born, I saw that he resembled Rachel. He just wasn’t as “round” as Daryl (see photo below).┬áBut at certain angles, he looks just like Daryl. Photo where Caleb opens his eyes.

caleb chang august 2011 1

The conclusion is, he doesn’t look like either Rachel or Daryl. He has elements of both but he is unique and special.

Even his blood group is special, he’s O positive while the rest of us have “Be Positive” blood group.

There are a few things we’ve seen that are different. Most obvious is his hair… so much dark hair! The colour is darker. Both Rachel and Daryl have light brown hair which makes them look bald.

caleb birth aug 2011 3

Second thing is he can last a long time between feeds. Both Rachel and Daryl needed to be fed every two hours, Caleb can wait until four hours.

I guess that won’t last, because the first few days of a baby’s life is spent sleeping. He’ll probably demand more milk as the days go on.

Talking about milk, he managed to latch on to drink milk from the first attempt. Rachel refused to latch on (because she was just too impatient when there wasn’t enough milk), and Daryl had to try for a while before he got the hang of it.

He’s so, so tiny wrapped in a bundle. He’s the biggest sized of the 3 siblings at 3.06 kg. During the last ultrasound it was estimated that he was at 3.4 kg weight, giving us a shock!

caleb birth aug 2011 4

Confession: both Poey Chin and myself have accidentally called him Daryl boy. I did it several times and she has done it one time.

It’s just a slip of the tongue, so I’ve resorted to calling him baby Caleb instead of Caleb boy.

caleb birth aug 2011 5

Poey Chin is recovering nicely. The first day she was vomiting a lot and couldn’t keep any water down until about 9pm. She was so thirsty and I was so worried.

The next morning she started to walk outside after removing her saline drip. and we went to the nursery to see Caleb.

caleb chang august 2011 2

Posing with Caleb outside the nursery.

caleb chang august 2011 3

First father and son photo.

caleb birth aug 2011 6

We’re all home now. Rachel has accepted Caleb and is pretty eager to be all motherly. At first she was afraid to touch him, but we let her stroke him and kiss him and now she’s okay.

We still can’t tell how Daryl feels. He’s mostly curious, wanting to touch Caleb but when we take him out of the room, Daryl seems to forget all about Caleb.

Both the older kids have been acting up today. I think they’re just demanding the attention and security, so we are patient with them for now. After all they haven’t seem us at home for the past two nights.

Total bill: RM9,100 for elective c-sec and BTL, two nights stay at hospital plus nursery fees.


Baby Caleb Is Born

This morning we were at the hospital early. I wanted to make sure we could get a room.

We went up to the OT in the afternoon and baby Caleb was born at 2:38pm, weighing 3.06kg and had a height of 49.5cm.

Click the photo for larger view.

The first thing he did when he came into this world was cry softly. Rachel took a while to cry and Daryl had to be cleared using suction before he cried.

Compared to his sister and brother, he seems smaller. Maybe we’re used to the size of the older kids haha.

Right now I’m still in the hospital with Poey Chin. I’ll be staying with her for 3 days to help her if she needs anything.

This morning I had a moment when I panicked cos I can’t remember how to care for baby. But I’m sure it will all come back to me.

Stay tuned for more photos at my blog. You’ll see them here first. Blog alw
ays comes first. Social sites later.