Caleb’s First Day in Kindergarten

Caleb in uniform

Today was Caleb’s first day in kindergarten.

He is the third kid we’re sending to the same kindergarten so we’ve got the entire process down. We were in and out in less than ten minutes!

Caleb didn’t have much trouble adjusting because Daryl was in the six year old class. He didn’t have any separation anxiety because we told him Daryl was in the next room.

This is one advantage having the two boys so close together. The older brother will always be there for the younger one.

I think the biggest shock to Caleb is when the teachers spoke to him in Mandarin. I don’t think he imagined that. But the teachers will mix English and Mandarin in the first few months.

When we arrived, all the teachers remembered Rachel and they were spending time chatting with her. Daryl pretty much went to his class by himself, looking for his best friends. He had so much to talk to them about.

Teacher invited Caleb to sit down next to a boy, and he became very quiet. He’s exactly like me. He becomes quiet when strangers are around. We thought he looked a bit nervous.

We left after a few minutes. There were a lot of parents around. Some of the new kids were crying and I knew  exactly what they were feeling because we went through that stage.

After a few hours, we picked the boys up from kindergarten and Caleb said he had fun. That’s great news for us. I hope he maintains that positive outlook for the rest of the year.

I’m happy that he enjoys himself so far. Part of me feels sad. My baby Caleb is taking his first steps away from home.

I’m so proud of his first kindergarten assignment:

Caleb's art work



Today I have a pleasant memory to record down in this blog.

This morning I woke up early because I kept coughing. I went to the living room and played games on my phone. Caleb woke up too and came over to watch me play. He was so fascinated with my game Cow Evolution.

In the game, you get these wooden boxes dropping from the sky. Open the box to find a cow. Match two same cows to make bigger cows.

I put down my phone and he took over the game. After opening each box, he would pause for a while to see the cow move around.

Then he would try to make a match. We giggled together after each match. He kept saying he wanted to feed the alien. (I wondered where he learned about aliens).

It was nice having him sit next to me like that. We hardly get to do that anymore. Either he’s running around playing, or he’s distracted with something else.

I miss those times when he was two years old. Each morning I would have “daddy and son time” with him at home while Poey Chin fetched the older kids to day care.

I’ll try to spend more time playing with him and the other kids. Maybe record my memories here on my blog so I can remember.

Baby Caleb’s Baby Cereal

Today I just want to share with you some photos of baby Caleb taking baby cereal.

I think this was his second or third time.

Poey Chin mixes about a spoon of cereal powder, liquified with milk.

He’s still not used to the flavour… he always has this strange look when he takes his first bite.

After that he enjoys it.

caleb baby cereal 1

I don’t think it will be long before he moves on to porridge and soft foods.

Caleb’s physical development is so quick compared to his siblings.

In the next photo you can see his first tooth from his gums. Daryl only had his tooth at nine months if I remember correctly.

caleb baby cereal 2

Caleb can pull himself up to stand against the sofa or against the crib, but he still can’t sit unsupported.

Daryl has picked up the trick of climbing on chairs. His new trick is to climb on the computer and press keys at random.

Here he’s trying to figure out how the mouse works.


I feel less stressful when I see the boys growing up.

Mostly because I get so worried when they seem so fragile.

It’s a bittersweet feeling. As time passes by so quickly I start to miss those times when they were so little.