Most Common Question

Do you know what’s the most common question I get asked?

I guess it’s actually quite a harmless question, and a natural topic of conversation.

The most common question I get asked is, “how many kids do you plan to have?”

This is usually followed up with, “when is your third one?”

Well, my dear readers, sorry to say nobody will get a chance to ask me that question any more.

baby 3 pregnancy test 1 december 2010

That was the first test (two lines mean pregnant). Following photo was the second test taken a few days later.

baby 3 pregnancy test 2 december 2010

Now the most common question will be, “why so fast?”.

We just came back from appointment at the ob/gyn and he confirmed Poey Chin’s pregnancy.

Baby is 6 weeks old, and technology is so amazing as we already could hear baby’s heartbeat.

It will be a few more weeks before baby 3.0 is stable so we aren’t celebrating just yet.

Poey Chin is quite weak because she was vomiting quite badly earlier this week (probably got the bug from Rachel).

We feel happy and excited of course, but understandably we are worried too. Poey Chin’s body and our finances haven’t fully recovered from baby Daryl’s birth 7 months ago. I will write a more detailed post on my feelings soon.

There’s also a little bit of guilt. It seems we haven’t spent as much time with baby Daryl, and Rachel is going to get even less attention.

Doctor says it should be fine having another baby so soon, but we need to be watchful toward the end of the pregnancy.

Baby 3.0 will be born in August 2011.

For reference (or for laughs), you may want to read about ourĀ first andĀ second pregnancy discoveries.

Finally I want to wish all of you a Great New Year and a wonderful time with your loved ones. Eat healthily, drink responsibly, drive carefully and stay ‘safe’.

Baby Names List #2

My wife and I have almost decided on our baby’s name.

I decided to forget about Aries because my wife doesn’t seem too enthusiastic about it. I also decided to forget about Japanese names because it doesn’t seem too suitable when I tried out the names.

It is just so hard to choose baby names. Some tips to choose baby names are:

  1. First of all, it must be a name that is agreeable to both parents and sometimes grandparents.
  2. It must be a name unique to your family (and my wife has a huge family).
  3. It must not be associated to any negative meanings or weird celebrities.
  4. It must not sound funny when combined with your surname
  5. It should be easy for a child to write and spell
  6. It should not be confusing for non-English speakers

It’s a miracle that we managed to find these few names!


We have pretty much decided that baby boy will be called Daryl. The name means ‘dear’ or ‘beloved’.


Baby girl will be called either Cheryl or Rachel.

Cheryl is German and has the same meaning as Daryl, while Rachel is a Hebrew name meaning ‘an ewe’. An ewe? Eww.

So what do you think?