Survey Results

Thank you everyone for participating in the survey.

The results are similar to what I expected.

For the first question, I wanted to find out how organised and tidy the respondent was. Fewer items on the workplace means it is better organized.

How many types of  items on your workplace right now?

  • <= 10: 31.6%
  • 11 to 25: 42.1%
  • 26 to 50: 15.8%
  • >= 51: 10.5%

It looks like the majority of my dear readers are pretty well organized.

For the second question, I intended to gauge the average effort needed to maintain the current level of organisation.

How often do you tidy up?

  • Daily: 21.1%
  • Weekly: 42.1%
  • Monthly: 21:1%
  • Quarterly: 15.8%
  • Annually: 0%

Again, we find out that the average person should be able to maintain an acceptable level of tidiness by cleaning up once a week.

In the next question, I asked the respondents to share how they viewed themselves. The chosen answer will reveal a bit about their attitude towards being organized.

How organized would you say you are?

  • Not at all, depend on others: 0%
  • Tidy up when forced to: 21.1%
  • I try to keep up when I can: 78.9%
  • I’m perfect. Nothing out of place: 0%

From the answer, we learn that the average person would do their best to maintain tidiness.

I asked the fourth question to find out what is the main barrier that prevents the respondent from achieving perfection.

What is your main reason for being untidy?

  • No time or too tired: 26.3%
  • Lazy / procrastinating: 57.9%
  • Don’t know where to start: 5.3%
  • I am always organized: 10.5%

Finally, I asked how receptive my readers will be to advice on getting organized.

  • Yes: 15.8%
  • See what I tell them: 73.7%
  • No: 10.5%

From this survey, I understand that the average person will want to keep tidy, but they lack the proper motivation to do it.

Thanks once again for taking part in the survey.

I had a few ideas for some series of posts, and wanted to check it was ok with you all.

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