Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice

Me and Poey Chin are so happy!

We just came back from our monthly checkup. Since it’s the fifth month, we went for a detailed scan, and the highlight of the scan was a 4D real time ultrasound scan.

If you have not gone for one of these scans before, it’s basically the same as a normal ultrasound except that it’s using a bigger machine, and it costs five times more 😉 This machine is also able to generate a 3D ultrasound image, so you can see baby’s face and the shape of baby’s body parts.

The doctor started off looking at the different parts of baby’s body like the arms, legs, lips and forehead. Doctor said that everything looks normal. Then doctor took a look at baby’s spine, and we could see on the screen baby’s spine looking nice and straight. Doctor said baby has a very nice backbone. *proud*

Doctor then asked us a question. “Do you want to know baby’ sex?” We said yes.

Doctor said, “You are having a baby girl.”


Everyone, say hello to baby Rachel Chang!

We tried for almost 10 minutes but we could not get a clear screen capture of her face. She either kept covering her face with her hands and feet, or turned away from the ultrasound monitor.

Doctor magnified the sound of baby’s heartbeat and it was beating strong and fast! Like a horse galloping, doctor said.

In this photo it looks like she’s deep in thought. It takes a while to get yourself oriented, but you are looking at baby’s face, and she is either sucking her thumb or covering her mouth.

I’m so thankful that baby is developing normally. And I can’t wait to meet my little princess.

I’m starting to worry now about future teenage boys going after my daughter. I’m starting to worry if it will be safe for her to play in the playground. I’m starting to worry if I can let her out of my sight for even one second.

Five more months to go!

23 thoughts on “Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice”

  1. Congratulations on ur baby gal. Your worries sound so familiar!! My hubby said the same things, haha.. guess all fathers think the same!!! Just leave her into God’s hand, I’m sure she’ll be a good little gal! ^_^

    Adino: Hehe… my wife says I’m an old fashioned man, with old fashioned thinking 😉

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