Stop Shih Tzu Agression

Today I was looking at my blog (because I’m the #1 fan of my own blog), and I saw a Google AdSense ad that got my attention:

“What?” I exclaimed to myself in my head (I said it with a British accent, it sounds more like Wort) “How can Shih Tzus be agressive?” Look at Sushi my little angel Shih Tzu… how can he raise a paw against anyone?

But then, I thought of a few incidents:

  1. He seems to have no mercy when playing with his plastic toy fish. He would hold it in his paws and keep chewing on the fish head.
  2. He used to have this pillow… Sushi will grab the pillow and try and tear out its guts. One day he did.
  3. Sushi would bark at strangers at our gate. Strangely he will then become their best friend once they come in to lull them into a false sense of security, then… lick them to death.

This prompted me to do a little Googling and I found out that:

  1. Shih Tzus can have agression problems, but it is not normal for the breed *phew*
  2. The agression may take the form of dominance behaviour towards people or other dogs.
  3. Abused puppies will also show agression triggered by fear.
  4. Shih Tzus will be territorial and will bark at strangers.

One tip I got to stop Shih Tzu agression: “Try not to spoil your Shih Tzu too much“. All Shih Tzu owners know that it’s hard not to spoil our cute little doggies. I try my best not to spoil him too much… the key word here is too much. He’s so manja sometimes that he refuses to eat unless I hand feed him.

Poey Chin will testify that I DO spoil Sushi too much. I miss Sushi…

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4 thoughts on “Stop Shih Tzu Agression”

  1. This title also got me thinking.. I thought it was to stop people being nasty to shihtzu. You can see nice pics of little puppy shihtzu in my blog.

    Adino: LOL I never thought people would be nasty to Shih Tzu. So cuuute!

  2. Hi Sushi. I’m a Shih tzu. I’m not at all mean, but I do bark at strangers. You know, our breed used to guard temples. We didn’t do the “enforcing” but just sensed who was friend and who was foe and barked a warning. There were bigger dogs that would come out if we were barking. So, that’s pretty much what I do. I warn of strangers that look suspicious to me.

    Sushi: Woof woof! Hello Momo! Nice to smell you *sniff sniff* Handshake?

  3. LOL i’m pretty sure polly and sushi’ll be real best buds, they’d share tips on how to bully us and make strategies on how to get the bestest advantage from us! -_-

    At times, Polly don eat unless she’s fed too =_=

    Adino: You know Leishia, I would like to see some pics of Polly… can post up on your blog ah?

  4. hey speaking of which! lol yeah, i posted up! even before u ask!

    great (dogs-loving) bloggers have great telepathic minds!

    Adino: *nods wisely* Yes, we do.

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