Stomach Ache Today

I don’t know what I ate yesterday, but my stomach hurts a lot today. Last night I went to toilet for 4 times, and only managed to sleep at 2am. This morning woke up at 5am to go toilet, and didn’t get much sleep. By 8am I had gone to toilet two more times. A visit to the doctor confirmed that it was diarrhoea, and not food poisoning.

Doctor gave me some antibiotics, some charcoal pills and some anti-purging pills. Oh, he also gave me the day off today. I spent the day sleeping, going to toilet and cleaning my house. Poey Chin came over to cook me a delicious lunch of porridge. At first I didn’t have any appetite to eat, but once I tasted it I ate the whole pot. One of the reasons I love her so much (and why I want to marry her) is she can cook very well.

Anyway, I’m going to be so behind schedule at work. Even when I’m sleeping at home I keep dreaming about the work that’s waiting for me when I go back.


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