Still Awake

I’m up late tonight, trying to download AVG free to install in my sister’s laptop. I plan to put in the antivirus and then run Windows update overnight.

I’m so bored with waiting that I looked through my photo album and found this cute photo of baby Rachel.

This photo was taken a few months back, before she learned how to crawl and climb. Ahh, those were the luxurious days when she would stay in the same spot without complaining.

I think my sleepiness is making me a bit mischievous haha….

10 thoughts on “Still Awake”

  1. Haha… looking at yenjai’s comment. 🙂

    Adino: Got any tricks to teach me or not? I feel so worried already haha

  2. when she is able to run or when boys can call over the telephone..u will wish she was just able to crawl 🙂

    as for my post and karaoke singing..i thought u were a singer with a band..a band boy? 🙂 sorry for the wrong perception. i had always imagined yr home full of laughter n music and yr singing hahaha

    if yr wife has to cover up yr daughter’s ears i can imagine leh hahehehaha

    Adino: Boys? Noooooo!

    I was not the singer in the band, only the musician. Singing cannot pass la hahaha

  3. wei wei..
    my colleague went gugu gaga after rachel’s pic in my laptop..
    sorry la..terlepas the pics cause i left my laptop on the table.. LOL

    see ur dotter so ‘sau fun yeng’ hahah

    Adino: You make me feel so happy la when I hear that haha. Thanks.

  4. You mischievious!?…errr…maybe a bit, but you will always be my ‘gentle giant’!:) Poey Chin, agree? 😛

    Adino: 🙂

  5. Aunty Nancy, he can be mischievous..this side of him ppl seldom know..Hahaha gentle giant? gentle bear more like it..

    Adino: I am only mischievous to those close to me


  6. hahaa.. LOL =D yea it melts.. but abit too fat.. LOL =D and too expensive!!! hahahah =D

    Adino: Maybe we can eat it like once every few years.

  7. aww, so peaceful and cute. Do you know where I can get resonable baby items? such books and toys? thanks

    Adino: I don’t know of any specific places, but we usually wait for baby fairs in shopping complexes or warehouse sales to stock up on stuff. For books there is a book store in Amcorp Mall called Book Excess, that sells locally printed versions of books at a cheap price.

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