Start of Online School Year 2021

Last week we suddenly heard the news that online classes would begin on 20 January 2021. We were expecting the start of the school year to be delayed until the MCO is over.

Here we are again in another round of Movement Control Order (MCO). But to be honest it doesn’t feel much different from CMCO because it seems so many businesses and offices are allowed to operate.

This time it’s not like the first MCO where we couldn’t even get our cars repaired at the mechanic.

While discussing all the school schedules, we had the worst realization that all three of our kids are in the same morning session.

Last year we only had one desktop PC. Initially we had to use all our mobile phones for them to attend Zoom classes. We had no choice but to purchase a laptop. Caleb was in afternoon session, so one desktop and one laptop were enough to cater for all of their lessons.

This year, all three of them will be having online classes simultaneously. My idea was to get a device with a bigger screen, but not cost as much as a laptop.

So reluctantly I had to go and purchase a new tablet. Thankfully telecommunication stores are allowed to open during this MCO.

Last time when we buy devices, we get free casing or free power bank. Now they give free face mask haha.

Primary school gave instruction for students to wear school uniform for online classes. We haven’t bought new uniforms for the boys yet… and they’ve grown so much in the past year. So probably they can only wear the school shirt and not the pants! Hope teacher won’t ask them to stand up.

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