Starbucks Card

Yay my Starbucks card has finally arrived! I tweeted a couple of weeks ago that I bought a Starbucks card on JackCow for RM53.

How many of you bought the deal?

Anyway I waited almost two weeks and the package finally arrived last Saturday!

Photo of the small package:

Inside was the Starbucks card with RM50 preloaded, a free coffee voucher and six packs of Starbucks Via instant coffee.

Some of the benefits of the Starbucks card are a free coffee after you buy 10 cups and a free slice of cake on your birthday month.

I got a pleasant surprise when I registered my Starbucks card online and received another free coffee loaded on the card.

Quite a good deal.

As I mentioned  before, I can’t afford to have Starbucks frequently. The RM50 credit should last me six months.

P/S: That first photo of the beautiful cup isn’t really coffee, it’s leong sui hehe. But I thought the photo would fit nicely here.

3 thoughts on “Starbucks Card”

  1. Mmm..cant wait to get our starbucks coffee 🙂 another date perhaps?

    Adino: Yeah we’ll go the next time I have a day off.

  2. First photo…very cheeky of you.

    Have never heard of jackcow before.

    That’s a good deal.

    Adino: Haha yeah. I never heard of it too, but they included me in their mailing list. I think I’m in their mailing list because I joined BCard.

  3. Aiyoh how come I didn’t know about this deal? I don’t have much time to go out let alone drop by Starbucks these days, but I must have a cup of their “instant” coffee everyday 🙂

    Adino: Yeah I have that craving too, but I try not to get addicted.

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