Some Quick Thoughts

Just a quick blog post today:

1. What I’ve been up to: We just came back from a holiday in Port Dickson. Will be posting photos soon.

2. Biggest Loser Asia: David looks like he just came out of the desert, or rescued from a lost island. Can you really get so thin by just exercising?

3. Bowling: I haven’t bowled for two weeks now. Looking forward to make a visit this weekend if I have time.

4. More photos: I haven’t posted Christmas and Chinese New Year photos. I’m not sure if it’s too late or not?

5. Mega blog post: most of my blogging time has been used to work on a mega blog post. It’s a project that is bigger than anything I’ve done on this blog. I hope it will attract some traffic, and I hope you will like it.

1 thought on “Some Quick Thoughts”

  1. my opinion is no to giant blog posts.. it consumes too much of the readers’ time who have to surf n bloghop. short and sweet most of the time n get a title which interests the search engines for blog traffic instead

    Adino: Don’t worry, it is just a mini-project of mine. I won’t do it often.

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