So Painful

I was in a great deal of pain in the past week.

It started with a low-grade sore throat, and I was down for a couple of days with fever.

Then the sore throat got worse. Doctor said I had ulcers on my tonsils. At the ulcers hurt whenever I spoke, breathed, or even took a sip of water. Every sip was like drinking molten metal.

I was in so much pain that I couldn’t even sleep.

I tried everything… lozenges, gargling with salt water, gargling with antiseptic mouthwash, taking Manuka honey. Nothing worked.

I contemplated going to ask doctor for some anesthetic spray.

And then last night Poey Chin boiled some nasty herbal drink for me. It was so bitter. Worse of all, it was slightly acidic and it hurt me even more with each sip. It took me half an hour to finish a mug of the drink.

It was supposed to remove the ‘fire’ from my body.

But guess what? An hour after drinking the potion, I could feel relief in my throat. I even managed to drink again without feeling sharp pain.

It has gone down from excruciating pain to a normal sore throat pain. I’m hoping it will go away completely after I take another mug of the drink.

Thank you, my darling wife. I know I usually don’t believe in those Eastern alternative treatment stuff, but this time it worked.

6 thoughts on “So Painful”

  1. Hi, Adino,

    5000++ years’ Chinese medicine history wor… of course, it works lah… 😉

    Adino: Yeah I guess haha

  2. You don’t believe in Chinese herbal medicine? They’re better than Western medicine yo. Believe it.

    Adino: I guess I don’t like to try something unless I understand it, and so far I haven’t read much about it. Time to get some books on the topic!

  3. Oh it worked? u didnt tell me..anyway i bought another pack to boil for u a good boy and drink ok?

    Adino: Ok dear.

  4. Haha~ I usually try Eastern medicine first… :p

    Adino: Maybe because I wasn’t Chinese educated… so I usually I will think of Western medicine first.

  5. Hi ko-ko Adino,
    I know what kind of pain your in… Coz I got almost the same thing, I think in June. It was horrible…. really painful to do anything. Hehe ice cream also helps, though it only soothes temporarily.
    Glad your better though, hope you recover quickly ! =)

    Adino: It was really suffering, wasn’t it? Right now I’m about 80% recovered. Well enough to resume normal eating and drinking, but still not well enough for fried and hot stuff.

  6. Yup it was really really suffering…. That’s good that your almost well. Hmm fried food and spicy stuff gotta wait. I think I didn’t eat those stuff for like 2 weeks plus. Not having spicy food was another torture for me.. hehe =)

    Adino: I don’t know why I keep smelling durians everywhere… so tempting but cannot eat!

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