So Embarrassing!

Last Friday something really embarrassing happened to me. I hope nobody noticed. Well, some people did, but I hope not that many people noticed.

It was the end of a long day, and I was rushing to complete all my tasks so that I could go home. I looked at the clock in my PC and it was already 6:30.

“Wow, time sure has passed quickly today”

I rushed and rushed and managed to pack up my laptop at 7:15pm.

Or so I thought.

On my way out, my colleagues were looking at me real funny. “Wow, ” I thought. “Everyone is working overtime today.”

My team leader called me into her room and asked me, “why are you leaving so early?”

“Isn’t it 7:15?” I asked.

“No, it’s only 6:15”

So shy la! I was speechless trying to think of a way to explain myself, but all I could think of was telling the truth.

I think my PC clock must have applied daylight savings or something, moving my clock forward by one hour.

In my defense, the sky was quite dark that day.

My team leader was very understanding and we had a good laugh about it.

I returned to my desk, where I spent the next 15 minutes trying to look like I planned this all along. I tidied up my drawers, flipped through my calendar in a businesslike manner and re-arranged some papers on my desk.

Have you ever done something like this before? Share your embarrassing moments (so I won’t feel so alone)

9 thoughts on “So Embarrassing!”

  1. Hey, it wasn’t that bad. It’s best to avoid thinking about it if you still feel embarrassed of it.

    I had a fantasy moment a long time ago, when the clock “seemed” to have turned back an hour (analog); that was a weird experience. But I speculate that I just misread the clock or something.

    Adino: At least you didn’t actually act on it haha

  2. 6.15 is not early to leave as I assume your official work hours is up till 5.30 or 6pm? so I don’t think it was that bad. If you had left at 3pm, then it would have been the ultimate! 🙂

    Adino: Officially work ends at 6:30pm, so I was leaving early


  3. Not embarrassing lah.
    Some people do it for a living. People here come to work at 10pm, pretend to type something or read something the whole day and then disappear by 5.40pm.

    I think their clock is more special.

    Adino: Wow! And they get away with that?

  4. haha
    I never has such problem
    As you know, in our line we live by a different clock.
    We almost always work extra hour
    So if we do go back early, it means the last night we never got any sleep, and now is the time to catch up

    Adino: I also didn’t mean to go back early. I thought I had stayed back already … but got tricked by the clock

  5. Aiyo.. dun jia jia la.. I know you want to go back home early that day ar.. hhaahahhahaaa….

    Adino: Hahaha… no la I won’t do such things

  6. 6:15PM is late… Normally I leave my office around 5PM (office almost empty already)…

    Yeah, you site was down during weekend. 🙂

    Adino: My office hours is until 6:30pm


  7. reminds me, Mrs BB n I woke up panicked n saw the time woke up Benghui got him ready for school n then realized it was a Sunday hahahahahahha

    Adino: LOL that must have really confused Benghui.

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