Snips and Snails and Puppy Dogs Tails

baby boy photo by RED Visual Group

We just came home from doctor’s office. Today Poey Chin had a very detailed ultrasound examination.

Doctor was checking all the major organs, the major bones and the fingers. All was normal.

Baby 2 is a boy!

We have already decided to name him Daryl Chang.

The name is 99% confirmed. Poey Chin got to choose the name this time, because I chose Rachel’s name last time.

Now, we’re looking for his Chinese name.

Four more months till we meet him. We can’t wait!

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Photo by: RED Visual Group

11 thoughts on “Snips and Snails and Puppy Dogs Tails”

  1. Wow… time flies so fast… it feels like it was just yesterday you announced Rachel’s name… Daryl is a nice and uncommon name. 🙂

    Adino: It really does seem like yesterday to us too. Back in the same hospital, seeing the same doctor. I just hope the name Daryl won’t be perceived as “too soft”, like Percival or something.

  2. Congrats! You must be over the moon 😀

    Adino: Thanks Fibrate. Not exactly over the moon, but halfway there I guess!

  3. And that’s what little boys are made of 😉

    Congratulations Adino 😀

    Adino: Thanks Tine! Yeah, sort of completes the poem, since I had sugar and spice last time

  4. Wow! Nice name….. I can’t wait to meet him….

    One boy one girl….how nice….

    Adino: Nice balance I think haha

  5. woah… cg will be extra merrier now! hehe

    Adino: There will be 3 baby boys and a big cheh cheh Rachel to watch over them hehe

  6. Hey there.. congratz once again ya.. Hahax..
    Can’t wait to see little Daryl soon..
    Actually it’s nt suprising tt Rachel has brown hair..
    cz PoeyChin’s hair is nt purely black too..
    a little brown.. jz lk Rachel ones now.. XD

    Adino: Thanks Michie. I can’t wait to meet him too!

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