Smooth Traffic Today

Today’s traffic was very good. I left my Kelana Jaya condo at 8:50am, and was already in Federal Highway by 9:00am. I arrived at my office at 9:10am! What a smooth drive! Thank God for all the green lights. Today’s work was quite smooth too. I managed to get one item crossed off my to-do list. Spent a bit of time exploring PayPerPost, and doing my rounds in BlogExplosion.

My future in-laws are staying with me this week, I’m spending a lot of time cleaning the house to impress them! They met Sushi, my pet Shih-Tzu. I think they’re fine with each other. Sushi was a good boy today. He ate his dinner, went to toilet and everything. Going to catch some sleep now. It’s going to be a very busy day tomorrow.

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