Silly Daddy

My wife says that I am a silly daddy.

I don’t know why she calls me that. I can’t help being the way I am, can I?

Rachel will be born in the Year of the Rat. I don’t really like the word ‘rat’ because it brings some negative images to my mind. So I prefer to say that she’s a baby mouse instead.

First of all, a mouse is way cuter than a rat. And second of all, a mouse is what I use everyday at work 😛

And then there’s just some things that I can’t stop myself from saying. We were watching an episode of the BBC documentary “The Human Body” during our pre-natal class last week. It was hosted by Professor Lord Robert Winston.

I told Poey Chin that I felt like eating potato chips when he was talking. Look at the following picture of Prof Lord Winston. Can you guess why?

There were some naked women in the video (no they were not together, nor were they doing anything naughty), which was a bit uncomfortable at first. I don’t know why westerners give birth totally naked, or maybe it’s just for the video.

“Do I have to be naked when I give birth?” Poey Chin asked me.
“No la,” I whispered.
“Then why are all the women naked in the video?”, she questioned.
“To make it interesting for the husbands lor”
PIAK! *twist my ears in front of all our classmates*

In the video, they told us that baby hears things differently in the womb. Our words sounds all muffled, and our voices become deeper.

When we arrived home I put my mouth on my wife’s belly, near baby’s head and started breathing really loud. Then I said, “Rachel…”, *paused and breathe a few times*

My wife looked at me with that you’re-being-a-silly-daddy-look as I said, “I AM YOUR FATHER


Have I mentioned that baby Rachels unofficial nick-name is now “Beagle“? We kept calling her baby girl, baby girl, bee girl, beagle…

P/S: Happy Labour Day everyone! Won’t it be cute if Poey Chin goes into Labour on Labour Day?

4 thoughts on “Silly Daddy”

  1. I watch that show too, several months ago. I guess they had to be “naked” because those are documentaries… After all, doctors see “naked” people all the time.

    Adino: Did you feel like eating potato chips too?

  2. Ahahaha! I see you are starting to teach baby Rachel about the ways of the Force…

    Her unofficial nickname is so cute! Baby beagle!

    Adino: Cute leh…


  3. I don’t remember, but I don’t think I wanted any chips at that time (chips + documentary?).

    Adino: He reminds me of the Pringles guy 😛

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