Sick of Those Emotional Advertisements

What’s the deal with all these emo advertisements we see on TV nowadays?

The trend started a few years ago with the Petronas Merdeka Day (National Day) series of ads. It was such a hit that other companies like Malaysia Airlines and Maxis started to do the same ad.

Nowadays we see more of these emotional ads on TV, and I’m telling you that they have lost all effect on me.

Here are some examples of the ’emotional blackmail’ you can find:

1) The difficult life

The ad shows a mother working hard to care for her son. It’s implied that she is a single mom. She works day and night, and cycles around to fetch her kids to school.

The ad ends by suggesting how buying an OSIM massage chair can help to repay the love of our parents.

2) The lonely couple

It’s the eve of the Chinese New Year, and there’s a lonely couple waiting by the phone. They show a shot outside the house of lanterns lighted waiting for their children to come home.

Their children don’t arrive, and they are left staring at the phone. The voice over says “pick up the phone” or something similar.

3) The bored parents

The ad starts with a son talking to his father on the phone, asking how things are. The son then suggests installing the Astro satellite TV system at his parent’s home, but they decline saying that he’s too busy and they have everything they need.

In actual fact, they have been re-reading old newspapers and going to bed early.

The next shot shows how happy a home can be once Astro has been installed at the home.

What next?

My point is, these ads have lost all effectiveness because the idea isn’t original anymore. In fact, I feel it’s cheap that they would take advantage of our love for our parents to endorse their products.

I’m not saying that it’s wrong to buy stuff for our parents, but I’m saying that I don’t have to buy stuff for my parents to show them I love them. I can love them with other better ways. I don’t like the implication that I’m not loving my parents if I don’t buy your product for them.

I’m tired of being emotionally blackmailed.

What are they going to come up with next? Here’s a few ideas

1) The payback

The ad starts with a young couple getting a baby for the first time. They spend the next few years wiping the baby’s butt over and over and over again.

Flash forward to today, and their child buys a roll of Royal Gold luxury toilet roll for them. The parents look so touched and start weeping.

The voice over says “they wiped your shit, let us wipe theirs

2) The empty nest

The ad starts at a family dinner. There is the mother, father, children and their spouses, but there are no children. Everyone looks all bored and sad.

Flashback to the past when the children were still young kids. There was a lot of fun kiddy activity and everyone was laughing in innocent bliss. How happy a home will be with kids around!

Introduce the services of a fertility clinic.

“Special 2 in 1 twin package available, enquire at your nearest clinic now”

3) Nothing to boast

An old lady sits among a group of friends and they are all boasting of their children’s riches and successes.

They show the old lady very quiet with nothing to boast about.

(Wait, this sounds familiar… haven’t they done this one already?)

Voice over says “There’s nothing worse than having nothing to shut the mouth of Mrs Tai Tai. Give your parents the ammo they need. “

Loong Fong financial services. Special 10% interest without collateral. Call 012 999 9299 to enquire more.


I think humorous ads work best. Look what it did to Digi (“Wah! Hou wong ah!”), and now Maxis is attempting the same.

What about you? Do you find these ads effective, harmless or plain annoying?

13 thoughts on “Sick of Those Emotional Advertisements”

  1. great original adino stuff this post. i like the one of the indifferent waitress too. born blogger

    Adino: Hehe, *shy* thanks. The waitress was more than indifferent. She was outright rude.

  2. For what it’s worth dude, I don’t think u deserve to get dang on this article. And i like the fact you were analysing these ads.

    Adino: No worries, I only lose sleep if I get negative reviews on Digg or Stumble Upon 🙂 The way I look at it, Innit is still new and subject to abuse. So I don’t take dangs seriously, especially if every post is being dang’ed

    Btw thanks for stopping by!

  3. ads ah?
    all useless one..
    no meaning…
    all copy cat de le..
    dats why nowadays also malas watch tv…

    Adino: But there are some nice shows coming up, like American Idol and Heroes!

  4. Those are even the better one
    You should listen to the one from di****d water in Radio
    Siao lang

    Adino: I hardly listen to radio…. what’s it about?

  5. For me as an advertisement student, most lecturer taught us to use emotional, which is sooooo over used liaw… I also think humour works better… 😛 Well, all ads still works, at least you know/remember their point… hahahha…

    Adino: Yeah, I guess they still work in sending the message across 🙂

  6. Annoying – even though I noticed any of them.

    Hold on, when’s Chinese New Year?

    Adino: Everything becomes annoying if overused 🙂 Chinese New Year is on February 7th. How are you going to celebrate it this year? You’re in the US right?

  7. nah..
    i rather go get tonnes of tvb series which has yet to come out and watch it on my pc..

    Adino: Wow… got the link for the torrents ah?

  8. I love humorous ads, like the one for the Kementerian something one…the Along one, remember? And of course the “Ho kan yew wong ah!!!” DIgi ad!

    Adino: I like the Digi ads 🙂

  9. if only we can spoof these ads like in Australia…
    Maybe we should all gang up and do a spoof the ads blog.

    Adino: It would be very hard to spoof ads unless we have video skills! I’m content with just writing a complain post about it 🙂

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