September 2013

Yesterday I took a photo of our family having a simple lunch.

I bought McDonalds for the kids. You can see how much they enjoyed themselves. We try not to have fast food too often. First of all it can get quite expensive. Second and most important, they eat mostly fries and have to be coaxed into eating their nuggets or burger.

I also thought that it’s time to give a short update on the kids. You know, something like those TV dramas starting a new season. The first episode is always about reminding the viewers of the character and the plots from last season.


Rachel is completing her first year of kindergarten soon.

In this year she has learned how to converse in Mandarin. She can read and write in both Mandarin and English.

We just attended her kindergarten’s annual convert last week. Rachel was dancing and I was surprised how well she did. She was at the front so that meant she knew all the steps. She followed the timing of the music confidently. She even made sure all her classmates held their positions until the curtain went down. She was scolding one of them not to move haha.

Rachel is taller. Yesterday I took her swimming and I was surprised she could touch the floor.

She is a little easier to deal with nowadays. Slowly she can listen to some reasoning and will understand things from our point of view. But she still has moments where she reverts back to toddler behaviour.

Today Rachel fried an egg for the first time! Poey Chin let her pour the egg into a hot pan and taught her how to flip it.

Watch out Masterchef Junior!


Daryl has adjusted to wearing specs. We still get a lot of questions and unsolicited advice about the specs everywhere we go.

But it’s ok. Most people love talking to him and he’s very happy to talk to them too.

He’s finishing his first year in a daycare. We’re waiting to see his annual report but from verbal feedback he’s still learning his alphabets.

He is so excited for Caleb to join him next year.


Caleb turned two years old last month and since then his favourite word is “no” and “don’t want”.

He is a really cute and adorable boy. He’s grown really attached to me because we share so many common interests. Ipad games being one of them.

People sometimes ask if the boys are twins haha. We’ll we do enjoy some benefits having boys a year apart. Clothes can be passed down. Caleb will have his brother take care of him when he goes to daycare next year.

When his siblings are in daycare he’s pretty much alone at home. This means he’s had all the toys to himself and he is finding it hard to share toys. I hope things will improve when he goes to daycare.

He imitates everything his brother and sister does. It’s really cute when he tries to follow what they say.

The Others

Me and Poey Chin are pretty much the same. We’re just quite busy with our normal routines.

Things at work have become really busy for me. Suddenly we have over 20 projects to deliver by December and more might be on the way. I’m really stressed but don’t worry I can handle it.

Well that’s all for today. I hope I can spend a bit more time blogging. I’m trying to blog on the iPad because I can’t sit at my computer nowadays. Hopefully I can complete bits and pieces of the blog post when I’m around.

Thanks to all of you who continue reading this blog.

3 thoughts on “September 2013”

  1. So nice to see Rachel, Daryl and Caleb growing so well! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Adino: They seem to be growing so quickly.

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