Saturday Morning

Rachel playing by the window. Can you spot her four teeth?
She got lost behind the curtain. I look at this and imagine her wearing a veil.
She has picked up 100% of my cheekiness.
She walks everywhere around the house, climbing everything and pulling down the rest.

5 thoughts on “Saturday Morning”

  1. She’s growing so quickly Adino. Seems like in a blink, she’s gotten teeth!

    Adino: Yeah, her infanthood seems like it happened yesterday. She’s learning something new every day, some good things, a lot of bad things!

  2. hi Rachel…of course hi to her daddy and mommy too!! 🙂

    Rachel: Hi Aunty Nancy!

    Adino: Your first comment wasn’t deleted. It’s just that I turn on comment moderation, so I can check comments before they appear on my blog


  3. rachel looks so grown up already! wow… kids grow up fast… before you know it.. she goes to school already..

    Adino: Ahhh…. no! Not so fast!

  4. Aiyo.. she’s so cute..
    how i wish to see her in person..

    Adino: One day you arrange to visit Poey Chin la, then can meet her 🙂

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