Satisfying Saturday

Today Poey Chin and I had a satisfying day. I felt satisfied because I managed to get a lot of things done. Ahh, the satisfaction of a hard day’s work.

Early in the morning we went to get our blood tested in Sea Park. It was at BP Lab, and we needed to get our pre-marital blood test done. This test is important because we need to know if it will be safe for us to have children later. We both took thallasemea carrier tests, as well as tests for various cancers.

The procedure was quite straightforward. First, I had to go pee in a sample bottle. Managed to squeeze out a few drops for them heehee. Second, the staff at the lab drew some blood from my arm.

After that we went over to the Sea Park wet market, where we bought our food supplies for the next two weeks. It was actually my first time going to the market with my future wife, so I felt really special. We bought 45 ringgit worth of vegetables, pork, eggs, and herbs for boiling soup that should last us for about ten dinners.

Upon reaching our condo we started to clean up the place. We vacuumed, mopped, wiped, organized and stacked. Finally our condo looks more presentable. Poey Chin cooked a delicious meal of Wan Tan Mee (Pork Dumplings with Egg Noodles).

After lunch Poey Chin took a nap while I polished my Gran Turismo skills, and after she woke up we went to Carrefour Subang for shopping. We bought some baskets and floor mats.

In the evening it rained heavily. I called McDonalds delivery but they couldn’t come out due to the rain, so Poey Chin cooked another delicious meal of Tom Yam Mihun (Rice Noodles in Thai Tom Yam soup). After dinner we went back home to my father’s house.

Doesn’t it feel great when you have a productive day?

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