Samsung Galaxy S Gingerbread 2.3 JV9 Firmware Upgrade Using Kies

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This morning I received the welcome news via KeeMan’s blog about the Android Gingerbread JV9 update for Samsung Galaxy S.

Okay I know I’m a week late but I was on holiday and didn’t have my computer.


I plugged in my phone, opened Kies and was greeted with this screen:

sgs gingerbread update screen 1

If you don’t see any updates, make sure you have the latest version of Kies (this link is for Malaysia version phones only).

Finally, the long awaited update! I clicked Update and out came this long warning message.

sgs gingerbread update screen 2

I proceeded to minimize the Kies window and backed up my files and photos just in case something went wrong.

Here are the steps to proceed with the upgrade:

1. Click Start Upgrade. A screen will come up asking you to backup your data. You should backup any files you can’t afford to lose.

I skipped the backup because I had already backed up my photos, and my contacts are already synched with my Google Contacts account.

sgs gingerbread update screen 3

2. Kies will then proceed to download the firmware files and you will see the following screens:

sgs gingerbread update screen 4

sgs gingerbread update screen 5

3. Once download is complete, it will start flashing the new firmware on your phone. You will see a yellow downloading sign on your phone, and the following screen on your computer. Guard your phone with your life! This is a critical stage.

sgs gingerbread update screen 6

4. Less than five minutes later, the phone update should be completed. You will see a confirmation screen as follows, and your phone will have some geeky looking yellow text.

sgs gingerbread update screen 7

5. Your phone will then auto-restart and stay at the “Galaxy S” logo for 5 minutes. Wait for it to complete (and pray hard) because the upgrade is still in progress.

If you want, you can hold your phone’s hand, ask it to breathe and PUSH!

6. When the phone boots, you will be asked to do some setup. I just chose English (US), then clicked ‘Next’ all the way until Finish (because the settings were the same).

sgs gingerbread update screen 8

7. Ta-da! Firmware upgraded to DXJV9. Check out the new icons on the notification bar.

sgs gingerbread update screen 9



28 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S Gingerbread 2.3 JV9 Firmware Upgrade Using Kies”

  1. Hi Adino, i have a skill testing question for you. I’ve updated to the latest Kies plugged in my Galaxy S and nothing happened. On screen Kies says it is trying to connect to the phone. On the phone it says MTP application connected but nothing happens.

    Please help.

    Adino: Hi John, I’m not really an expert so I’m not sure what could be wrong. Maybe you could check out, it has helped me when I first tried to connect my phone to my PC.

  2. This is my current Samsung Galaxy S firmware version: PDA:KB2 / PHONE:KB2 / CSC:KB2 (XME)
    Is it possible that I can upgrade it to gingerbread because my Kies (even though it is the latest version) is not picking up any updates for firmware.

    Adino: Probably it has not been released in your country yet. It should be released in a few more weeks 🙂

  3. hi Adino, thanks for the reply. I got one more question, is your Galaxy S still rooted? Did you unroot to update?

    Adino: I unrooted my phone to update (to be safe).

  4. Hi adino. I couldnt upgrade my devices. I have updated to the latest kies but when i try to install it stated on screen insufficient disks free space (requires at least 3000MB). Can you please help me with this problem.

    Adino: Sounds like you don’t have enough space on your PC hard disk, especially C:. Could you clear up some space and try again?

    Refer to:

  5. Hi Adino, managed to use Odin and flash gingerbread on to my phone but now it has some weird problem with playing mp4 and other flash media. Even when i use the camera all i see is like a freeze frame of garbled pixels. Sigh.

    Adino: Wow I’ve not tried Odin. Did you use the Samsung ROM or other ROM like Darky’s? Maybe you can try to flash another ROM?

  6. hi..
    are you from malaysia?
    my kies also doesn’t show any update firmware.
    couldn’t handle with this 2.1 anymore.
    my phone keep lagging & hang.

    Adino: Yeah I’m from Malaysia. I’m no expert, but can you check if you have the latest version of Kies? I have, but the site says latest is If you have an older version of Kies, you need to uninstall the old one, download the latest version from Samsung Malaysia website and re-install.

    Previously when I was at 2.1 I used RyanZa One Click Lag Fix app (should still be available at the Market) to root the phone and fix the lag so maybe you could try that if not able to update firmware.

  7. Hello again. Yeah i used a ROM from Cynagen initially and it bricked my SGS. Then i downloaded the JV9 ROM and flashed again, then it started giving me these weird camera and mp4 video problems.

    I enterred download mode again ‘cos i thought of flashing to a different ROM but had to wait for the download, so i restarted and suddenly everything was normal, no pixelation or whatever. Technical gremlins FTW. :S

    That being said, have you noticed the colossal amount of battery drain Gingerbread has?

    I wonder when we are receiving the 2.3.4 update.

    Oh and after flashing my phone now works with Kies. Talk about screwy.

    Adino: Very strange! Well as long as it works now.

    I’ve not noticed a colossal difference. I still have to charge my phone every 24 hours or so.

  8. Hi

    I am stuck in the “Downloading… Do not turn off Target!!!” are displayed on my phone. And the pc screen shows your number 3. screen shot. The percent is 0% and doesn’t seem to move or increase. Its has been there for more that 2 hours and still no respond. Has try disconnect the the phone. Restart the phone and PC. Phone is ok on Froyo. And PC also OK. Do this a second time and its still the same.

    How long does it take to for it to finish in the “Downloading…” mode. Mine does not seem to move at all. On your post you did mentioned 5 Mins.

    One more thing during before the phone switch to “Downloading..” mode refer to your number 3 screen shot the progress just completed on 60% only which took 2 hours + then suddendly in lest then 5 min it swith to the “Downloading…” mode. Please help what should I do? Wait or restart again. This upgrade has been started on Enclair to Froyo which is successful since yesterday 10pm. Only the eingerbread which give me headache… sigh… thanks is advance.

    Adino: For me it took around 5 minutes to download the update, but then I was using a 4MB broadband line. Probably you should try the update again when your internet connection is more stable?

  9. I have updated to the latest version of Kies & still haven’t received the update! =/

    Adino: Maybe it’s not yet released in India?

  10. Hi Adino,

    I also have the update notification but opted not to download it yet as I’m still searching for feedback over the net before doing so. I was just wondering did you lose any of your files and apps after the update? Thanks.

    Adino: Hi JC! The update won’t erase your files and apps, but I’ve heard some people prefer to do a factory reset after the update for a clean start. I didn’t do the factory reset and my phone is still alright.

  11. Hi Adino,

    I bought this phone in China. Is it this phone can be update to gingerbread in Malaysia?

    Adino: Hi, I’m guessing no, because your phone would have a different firmware.

  12. how to update my data by using Kies since it doesn’t has any backup the data button?

    Adino: You can download your files manually via USB. But I don’t know why you’re not seeing the button.

  13. hey adino, my samsung kies says that ‘this version of device cannot be updated’ why is that? help me please 🙁

    Adino: I’m not sure what could be the problem. Better to check at the SGS forums for professional advice 🙂

  14. hi Adino,

    Thank u for ur reply. I still unable to upgrade the 2.3 version. There is an error pop-up and ask me to reboot the device. Once i unplugged it and plugged it again, it’s not detecting. I had dl the Kies from samsung website as well.. Help…

    Adino: Sorry Jayne I’m not sure what went wrong. Probably best to check at the forums.

  15. Hi Adino,

    Could you please tell me what’s new in Gingerbread.DXJV9 or DDJV9? I have upgraded my phone to JV9 but can’t make out the changes.

    Adino: I think a lot of it are behind the scene changes. The most dramatic change is the new icons in the notification bar and improved phone performance. SGS users didn’t get the new Gingerbread keyboard (but you can download from the Market).

    Probably someone can also confirm if the Launcher was revamped. I can’t tell because I’m using LauncherPro. In terms of apps, the only new one is the Download Manager.

    I’ve also noticed the brightness auto-settings to be managed more aggressively. Some have complained of increased battery usage but I didn’t notice that.

    You can check out the following link for a complete list of features, though some of them (like the keyboard as I mentioned) have been customized with Samsung’s own version.

  16. Hi Adino,

    Thanks for the info. I think I asked a wrong question. Actually, I wanted to know the difference between gingerbread’s version JV6 and JV9. We got the JV6 as a gingerbread upgrade in India and day before yesterday I noticed that there’s a new OS update as JV9. But when I updated my phone with JV9 there was no difference. If you have any information about the same please let me know.

    Thanks in advance.

    Adino: I’m not really sure of the difference between JV6 and JV9. Any readers knows the answer?

  17. Hi
    Thanks for the light on gingerbread.
    I am just wondering I bought this phone form Malaysia but it is an AP set. and it was already upgraded to 2.2 when i bought it. I downloaded Kyies but it does not show any upgrade available. Does it mean AP set can have different Firmware. Should i uninstall kyes and use the one that came with the Mobile set.

    any thought?

    Adino: The Kies that came with the mobile is probably outdated, but maybe you can still give that a try.

  18. Hi Adino,

    Thank you for your sharing..
    Finally, I got to update my phone.. Do you know hw to change the background into transparent (for Application menu) as Samsung Galaxy S 2 is in transparent mode…

    Thank you..

    Adino: Hmm… I believe transparent application drawer will come from a different theme. I don’t think SGS has it by default. Maybe can try to search for alternate themes?

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