Samsung Galaxy S Froyo Firmware Upgrade Using Kies

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I’ve just upgraded my Samsung Galaxy S firmware from Android 2.1 to Android 2.2 Froyo.

Update: Refer to my latest guide to upgrade Samsung Galaxy S to 2.2.1.

This step-by-step guide will show my Galaxy S brothers and sisters how to upgrade Samsung Galaxy S to Android 2.2 Froyo.

This guide applies to SGS phones bought from Maxis Malaysia. I am not sure if it applies to phones from other countries.

Before you begin, make sure your phone battery is fully charged, otherwise Kies won’t allow you to proceed.

You also need a stable (and fast) Internet connection.

The Steps

1. Install / update the latest Samsung Kies software (version or later). You need to use a Windows PC so Mac users like me have to borrow a Windows machine.

2. It is strongly advised that you backup the contents of your SD card, contacts, photos, etc to your computer. There is no way to backup your text messages and call logs unless you use third party apps.

I used AppBrain to store a list of all my installed apps.

Don’t worry, if everything goes well your data should remain the same.

3. I used RyanZA’s One Click Lag Fix, so I reversed the lag fix and unrooted my phone. I’m not sure if this is necessary but I wanted to be safe.

4. Connect your phone via USB to your computer. If Kies cannot detect your phone, you can refer to this hub page to fix that problem.

5.  Kies will inform you that a new firmware is available for your phone. Click on the box where it says “<GT-I9000>’s firmware can be upgraded. Please click here to upgrade firmware)”.

6. You will be given an option to backup your contacts.

7. A popup window will appear showing you your current firmware. You will see something like:

Current Version: PDA:JF4 / PHONE:JF4 / CSC:JF4
Latest Version: PDA:JPA / PHONE:JPA / CSC:JPA

If you are in another country, you may see another Firmware such as JPM. Don’t worry because JP means it’s Froyo. The A or M at the end is used to denote the region.

Warning: Make sure you are using the right firmware version for your phone. I repeat, I used the JPA version because my phone was bought in Maxis Malaysia.

8. Click Upgrade, accept the terms and condition and click Next.

9. You will be given an option to save phone numbers in Samsung servers. I chose ‘Proceed without Saving’ and clicked Next.

10. Wait for Kies to download the firmware from the Internet. I waited 90 minutes. Don’t disconnect your phone from your USB cable, guard it with your life!

Fun isn’t it? So many steps to do a simple firmware upgrade. I wonder if iPhone users have to go through so many steps.

11. After Kies completes the upgrade, your phone will reboot. It will stay at the startup animation for about 5 minutes.

12. You will then see the new lock screen, and you’re done (cute baby not included)!

New Froyo Unlock Screen

Just go to Settings -> About Phone to check the firmware version.

Samsung Galaxy S Froyo Firmware Version

You just need to setup your home screens icons, folders and shortcuts.

All my media, contacts, and apps were still there after the upgrade.


  1. Speed. I haven’t even done the Lag Fix yet and it is almost as fast.
  2. Flash support (hello Flash games!)
  3. Pinch to zoom flyover on home and application screens
  4. GPS toggle button in notification bar
  5. Interface improvements such as new icons and colours
  6. Access to more applications. Previously I could not access some free apps like Angry Birds but now I can. Maybe those apps were locked to Froyo and above only.
  7. GMail app upgrade (but not much difference)
  8. Camera app upgrade
  9. New apps such as Google Places, Latitude, etc.
  10. Screen capture by holding home and back buttons. Really useful!
  11. An easier way to drag and drop the cursor during text entry.


  1. The GPS is still unreliable. Hard to get solid fix on GPS satellites even when outdoors.
  2. Lag is still noticeable when doing heavy data reading and writing, though there is a vast improvement from before.


You really should upgrade if you have a Samsung Galaxy S.

I know it may sound like a scary process but just take precautions and it will be okay.

Thank you Samsung Mobile for delivering the Froyo upgrade, great job.

Is it too much to ask for Gingerbread or HoneyComb?

14 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S Froyo Firmware Upgrade Using Kies”

  1. my colleague “bricked” his while trying to upgrade. i dont dare to upgrade mine d..

    Adino: Ooh… how did he brick his phone? Did he upgrade via Kies, or was he flashing some other ROM?

  2. Already upgraded to Froyo using your steps.. Thanks a lot!! I’m a happy man…. : )

    Adino: No problem, glad to help!

  3. just that I am curious of one thing..

    when I see my old version its not like the one stated in your steps:

    Current Version: PDA:JF4 / PHONE:JF4 / CSC:JF4

    Mine was “JG”, but I did not write down the whole thing..

    Do you know why it stated “JG”?.. FYI, mine is Eclair at that time.. already check…

    Adino: There was another firmware update before the Froyo update, which is probably the JG firmware. It was not an OS update, just an update to fix some minor issues.

  4. Hi Adino,

    Great thanks to your step by step guide. Upgraded my SGS to froyo.

    But not as what i expected. There is no doubt numbers of changes in froyo but the most curious thing that i can see is that i do feel more lag(e.g choosing apps screens, launching apps, open log call screen).

    It also seems to show only 304mb RAM as compared in eclair = 326mb. Is it because of kernel issue? can I in anyway check if my SGS really comes with 512mb RAM?

  5. I updated mine yesterday, thanks alot for the clear instructions! My phone is so much faster now and works great. However, it’s showing the RAM as 304mb.. is this correct?

    Adino: It shows 304MB on my phone too. I’m guessing the rest of the RAM has been protected for the operating system use.

  6. Adino,
    I updated my firmware yesterday and now I found that my DioPen IME (Chinese PinYin)is not functioning.

    Any idea wht happened?

    Thanks in advance.

    Adino: Sorry I’m not sure. I haven’t noticed this problem because I don’t use DioPen IME.

  7. Thanks for your easy to follow steps here. I always thought upgrading to Froyo was a hard job, but it was actually pretty easy. Just finished upgrading my phone but havent gone through all new features yet.

    But one thing I noticed, phone startup is pretty slow after the upgrade. But once the phone is ready, everything is smooth. Much faster than Android 2.1. I’m happy with my SGS now! Thanks.

    Adino: Yup, the first time booting after updating the firmware will be quite slow. I notice faster performance too, and battery life management has been greatly improved too. Now I just wish there was a lagfix I can deploy.

  8. Hi Adino

    Catching up again here… I have also upgraded to the latest firmware but I am not sure what extra goodies it comes with…. what is your findings?
    Also, Swype is a complete failure with 2.2, and I don’t think they have updated Swype – at certain point of time I really regretted getting a Samsung Android as they appear very weak at software stuff…. I am using Smart Keyboard (No Pro, coz we cannot buy any apps from the market yet!) now which is a lot better (less frustrations!)

    From your experience, is the new firmware any better than 2.2?

    I think this is different from 2.2.1, and of course, 2.3…. If Samsung does not improve their software / firmware stuff, they will be loosing customers (incl me) to go over to the apple shore sooooon.

    Happpy New Year and hope you are a happier person everyday!

    Adino: Hi Wee, happy new year to you too!

    In some ways, Froyo is better because of the new features. I especially love the better battery management, new interface, slightly improved GPS and flash support.

    My biggest complain is there isn’t an easy way to root the phone now, which means we are stuck with the laggy file system.

    I think a rooted 2.1 is still better than standard 2.2. The 2.2.1 update promises to fix all the complains we have so far, so I will see how it goes.

    Honestly if I knew of all this kind of problems, I won’t even buy a SGS in the first place. I was even thinking of getting a Samsung Galaxy Tab, but now I have to think twice.

    It’s a great phone, but some small issues spoil the magical experience.

  9. HI Adino

    Please, be wise, try out an iPad and iOS before you take up the Tab. Take my words, Samsung is overhyping their gadgets – their marketing force is something cool but their products are not there yet.

    Esp on tablet stuff like tab.

    I SHOULD have waited and gotten an iPhone 4 but there was no stock (and honestly, I have lots of Apples at home – iPod touch, iMac, Mac Book Pro, and now, inevitably, an iPad – I use them to the max actually, and found them to be incredibly meaningful / useful for my stuff).

    Android is not meant for tablet yet – and here is the bottom line after using with Galaxy S and Android and Google (I live with Google stuff – I love them on my PC and encourage people to use them on cloud years ago…):

    – Android is always a work-in-progress, an engineering feast maybe, but not a smooth silk idiot-proof product like that of Apple (Apple has been like that since my Uni days, 20 over years ago…)
    – Even Google’s boss admitted that it is an enthusiast gadget – you need to fiddle around with it to fix things here and there
    – Android will provide things that Apples does not want to provide – to differentiate themselves from, err, sorry to say, someone who went to create a new UI for phones and now tablets
    – It is the OS and software that counts, and you can’t beat that on Apple for the time being, and it will be sometime before everyone else catches up (Sounding like a fanboy now but i am too old for that:-)).
    – The Apps quality on Android is really not up there – there is a reason – the biz model is not milking money for the developer

    The iPad is an incredible gadget, a piece of knowledge-media-consuming machine for me where I practically hug and live with everyday for my reading / notes / music / photos. It enriches one’s life in a very unique way. All because of the Apps and the OS (slick and very humane).

    I share the same thought with you – I could have dumped by Galaxy S after a week (I did that on iPhone 3GS – sold off within a week when I discover the battery life is useless – for the Galaxy, I bought a spare battery, and believe me, it is a miracle to find one at Pyramid cause no one sells them and they have to unpack one from a new phone! I was even walking around in KL looking for a battery when it got flat in the first week and I can’t even buy ….)but since I have dumped by iPhone 3GS, it will be even more stupid to dump another phone.

    Imagine my nightmare when I discover I can’t even sync my calendar properly (till now) compared to Apple’s i Devices (I could only do a proper fix is i reset my phone and start a synch by opening my calendars in a certain way in Google etc…- smart phone requires you to be smarter to make it work for you!!! 🙁 )

    I now pray that 2.3 or 2.2.1 will fix the swype problem, the calendar issue, the horrible lag (you hit the screen, it lags for at times > 3 seconds and your heart beat is nearly off! the sudden screen capture moments (it happens more and more now) etc etc)

    Samsung is just another consumer electronic who is rushing out to be no 1. I believe, unlike Apple or even Sony, it is the satisfaction of the users that will be the most important thing, not your market share, and national pride.

    Wow, so much writings….

    Take care and hope to see you in person one day!

    Adino: Thanks for sharing! But I’m still willing to give Android a chance. If I had the money, I would buy both!

    By the way, I’ve just upgraded my phone to firmware 2.2.1, you can check out my latest blog post!


  10. Ha, in my opinion, the SGS is as good as the Tab already! I don’t think you will get any more unique experience on the Tab compared to SGS. The apps I love most on my SGS is none other than the followings:

    1) Kindle (you have to create a US account to enjoy the books) – you read on your phone, your iPad, your PC, Amazon syncs all your notes etc
    2) Google Goggle – show piece

    And then there are much more apps I love to run around with the iPad (many many many more……)

    Adino: I’m sure the apps on the iPad are great!

  11. hey, i still cant download the Android 2.2.1. do i have to uninstall my samsung kies again… the one u said…

    Install / update the latest Samsung Kies software (version or later). You need to use a Windows PC so Mac users like me have to borrow a Windows machine.

    b4 diz i downloaded

    Adino: The latest version of Kies should be version 2+. If you have an older version, you need to uninstall it first.

  12. hey, i updated mine 2 months ago but i notice my phone lags a lot now. Any solutions? And kies does not seem to show any 2.2.1 updates

    Adino: You may need to check if 2.2.1 has been made available in your region. Make sure you install the correct version of Kies.

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