Samsung Galaxy S Froyo 2.2.1 Firmware Upgrade Using Kies

I?EUR(TM)ve just upgraded my Samsung Galaxy S firmware from version 2.2 (DXJPA) to version 2.2.1 (DXJPE). Some improvements for the 2.2.1 firmware include:

  • Lag fix (oh-yeah!)
  • GPS fix
  • Upgrades to Contacts, Camera, Video and Music Player, Browser, Gallery, YouTube, Phone Dialer and Keyboard

This is a follow-up to my previous guide on upgrading firmware from 2.1 Eclair to 2.2 Froyo using Kies.

Note: This guide applies to SGS GT-I9000 phone bought from Malaysia. I am not sure if it applies to phones from other countries.

As usual, make sure your phone battery is (more or less) fully charged, and you have a stable Internet connection.


  1. Download the new Samsung Kies version The old Kies isn’t even smart enough to know it needs to be updated.
  2. If you have an older version of Kies, you will need to uninstall that before installing the new one.
  3. Connect your phone via USB to your computer. If Kies cannot detect your phone, you can refer to this hub page to fix that problem.
  4. Start Kies, Kies will inform you that a new firmware is available for your phone. The new version will be PDA:JPE and PHONE:JPB. samsung galaxy s 2.2.1 firmware update with kies
  5. Click Update, accept the terms and conditions, proceed without saving phone numbers and click Next.
    samsung galaxy s 2.2.1 firmware update with kies 2
  6. You will be given an option to backup your data. You should do this. I’ve recently done a backup, so I just skipped some of them.
  7. Click OK and the download will start. samsung galaxy s 2.2.1 firmware update with kies 3
  8. Wait for Kies to download the firmware from the Internet. It took me 15 minutes. How long you wait will depend on your connection speed and Samsung’s server load. Don?EUR(TM)t disconnect your phone from your USB cable, guard it with your life!
  9. After Kies completes the download, a yellow “downloading” sign will appear on your phone for 3 minutes. Don’t turn off your phone even if the building is on fire!
  10. Your phone will reboot and you will see a lot of system text as the phone updates some files. It will then stay at the startup “S” animation for about 3 minutes.
  11. Done! The Froyo version will still be 2.2 but you will see DXJPE as the firmware.
    samsung galaxy s 2.2.1 firmware update with kies 4
  12. At this point you can safely disconnect your phone from your PC.

First Impressions

The phone is really much faster. This is what I really wanted. The only lag seems to happen when the media scanning process takes place.

All the great new features of Froyo 2.2, yet faster than a rooted and lag-fixed 2.1.

I just opened my media gallery and all the photos fly on the screen.

I will be writing a follow-up to this post next week so share my usage experience after upgrading, so stay tuned!


You need to perform this upgrade to fix some issues that have been bugging you, especially the lagging.

21 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S Froyo 2.2.1 Firmware Upgrade Using Kies”

  1. Hi Adino

    Actually, the firmware upgrade can be done with the old kies as well – I did that earlier but really appreciate your speedy update and I am now using the new kies…. Looks pretty good but I have no idea how to do SMS on it 🙁

    Looking forward to your update in the coming week and have a great weekend!

    Adino: Ohh I didn’t know that, would have saved me from downloading that 100MB installation file, but I think the new Kies seems more polished and less confusing especially during the firmware upgrade.

  2. Hai Adino..

    Thank you for the step by step guide.

    Just gt my phone and upgraded it on the spot.

    Froyo rocks…love my phone.

    And if i may say something, some people say they cant control their data usage. I think its as simple as switching your internet on and off.

    Just go to:
    1) Settings
    2) Wireless and network
    3) Mobile Networks
    4) Access point names
    5)Choose Maxis 3G Wap or whatever you using
    6) APN type
    7)Choose mms only.
    8) When you wanna use the net, follow the same steps and activate the Internet+mms
    9) Make sure you change the setting again after you are done with your net usage.

    Seems like a hassle but well, at then end of the month when our bill comes, at least we wont get a heart attack!

    Sorry to disturb your posting. Just thought it would be useful for new users like me.

    Thanks ADINO!

    Adino: No problem Rajan, glad to help and also thanks for your helpful tip!

  3. I can’t do the upgrade. The system says “This version of the device cannot be updated. Current firmware version : PDA:JPA / PHONE:JPA / CSC:JPA”. My device is on 2.2 version. Any advice?

    Adino: I’m not sure what could be the error. Perhaps you could Google to see if others have the same issue or not?

    You don’t need to root the phone before applying the update.

  4. Hi Adino thanx for the guide! Very well written. One think. In many websites/forum quite often it is suggested BEFORE and AFTER the upgrade to perform either a factory reset or access the recovery mode and do a wipe cache and data having this operation a much better cleaned phone ( i.e better end performance) ready for the upograde. Coming from a WM phone that one was a compulsory operation ( called hard reset) I wponder if this is also something to consider for Android operating systems.. let us know your opinion.


    Adino: I’m sure we could benefit from a hard reset after the upgrade, but I didn’t want to go through the hassle of restoring all my data.

  5. Hi, I just upgraded to 2.2.1, thanks to your explanation here =) I also notice that my battery consumes faster than expected now, eventhough I dont open wifi or 3g, is this normal after upgrading?

    Adino: Hmm I haven’t noticed this about my phone, because battery life varies depending on the applications I use.

  6. hi i installed the new kies but it says you all reay have the newest firmware while i only installed 2.2 froyo

    Adino: Could it be that the new firmware might not be available in your country yet?

  7. Finally, I managed to upgrade. Not sure what is the problem. Open Kies &and immediately it says update is available. I’m using DiGi devices btw. It took me almost an hour to complete the upgrade & data recover. Froyo …rocks.

    Adino: Yay!!

  8. I bought my SGS in belgium and upgradededd in to 2.2 there. Now that I am in Morocco will I be able to update it to 2.2.1 here?

    Adino: I’m not sure, you have to check the Samsung Belgium website?

  9. Another question, how do I reflash to the current firmware I’m using? Which is 2.2.1..Since I think I might have not flashed it properly using Kies last time..And Kies can’t reflash my phone if my firmware is the latest

    Adino: Sorry I’m not sure how to do a reflash.

  10. Hi Adino, are you sure that dxjpe is 2.2.1? I can’t seem to find the OTA option or change the wallpaper of the screen lock…

    Could you please show me where to do all these?


    Adino: It seems that those features were in pre-release only, and was not included in the DXJPE update. 2.2.1 is Samsung’s firmware update, not referring to Froyo 2.2.1.

    I have amended my post accordingly.

  11. Hi — just updated my phone by following your instructions. During the update my house was on fire but i protected my phone with all my life and managed to get the update done. Haha. Kidding! :p

    Thanks so much for your steps. First, you helped me upgrade my SGS to Froyo 2.2 And this time, with the firmware version update. Thanks again… appreciated 😀 I was afraid if my data would be wiped clean after the update but good thing it didnt happen. My SGS is smooth sailing now. 🙂

    Adino: Haha good one! Hope you enjoy your phone as much as I do!

  12. I manage to follow until step 6 (as shown above), but whenever I start to do the firmware update, the Kies software disconnect with my phone automatically – i tried to repeat from the start many times but still fail – any idea why? hardware or software problem?

    Adino: I’m not sure if this link can help you, but I’m sure you can find the solution on xda-developers forum.

  13. I still can’t connect to KIES, i there any way to download the verified firmware without kies? I downloaded file from the internet and try to manually upload the software using ‘restart recovery mode’, but fail because perhaps my phone is still unrooted (original)..anymore idea?

    Adino: Perhaps you could try the suggestions in this thread in xda-developers, or you could search for other methods.

    I’ve never tried doing it any other way so I can’t advise.

  14. Adino,

    Tried to upgrade the firmware but disaster struck, it failed halfway and I tried to do a recovery.

    Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get into the recovery mode itself!! i.e. Hold Volume-PowerOn/Off-Home(center)buttons. Nothing happened. Did I press the right buttons? I read on some sites that some devices have a bug that can’t get to Recovery Mode… might as well try into dustbin.

    What should I do now? Go immediately to Samsung Center? They don’t have my recovery file (which is saved on my PC)

    sigh… bad experience. No wonder IOS users love their phones.. this doesnt happen to their upgrades!

    Adino: I suggest trying to find a solution at XDA Developers forum:

  15. hi adino,
    do i need to upgrade to 2.2 from 2.1 b4 i upgrade to 2.2.1?

    Adino: I don’t think you need to upgrade to 2.2 first, since an upgrade would just install the new 2.2.1 ROM.

  16. Hi Adino,

    Let us know if Gingerbread update is ready here in Malaysia…cheerss

    Adino: Yeah I will do that. Actually there was a Kies update last week, but no Gingerbread update for the phone. From what I read online, the Gingerbread update was aborted due to some issues discovered.

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