I got a letter in my mail box today telling me that I have been fined by PDRM, the Royal Malaysian Police.

Letter from PDRM
Letter from PDRM

The letter is a reminder that I have been issued a traffic summons that is still pending for payment. Failure to settle payment will result in my name being blacklisted by the police.

I wondered where I was caught, thinking it was probably one of those times when I was travelling to Ipoh.

I logged in to MyEG to find out more about my saman case.

After logging in and clicking on the PDRM link, I keyed in my IC number and the system told me I had one saman pending.

myeg check

When keying in my IC number I tried to put a RM50 note in my Mac’s DVD drive but it didn’t settle the problem (just kidding! I don’t practice or condone bribery).

I was caught on camera speeding in Kuala Lumpur in April. At that time I had just got my new Proton Persona SE.

I can’t recall speeding in the new car. At that time I was very careful not to over-rev the engine. Oh well, maybe it was one of those areas with 60km/h speed limit or something.

The fine for speeding is RM300, which is about 90 USD.

The thing I like about MyEG is you can make payments online. No need to travel all the way to the police station to make payments. I could have gotten a 50% discount if I had paid earlier. Because I am paying almost seven months later, the discount is reduced to 30%.

So I had to pay RM202 (MyEG charges a RM2 admin fee).

Payment was fast and painless since they accepted credit card payment. I will  feel the pain when my credit card statement comes next month!

myeg paid

I got a “payment successful” message, dutifully noting that the site runs on Java Struts, and then proceeded to write this blog post.

In closing, I am quite surprised to receive this traffic summons. This is the first time I’ve been fined for speeding in my life. Perhaps it is more honest to say, it’s the first time I’ve been caught speeding in my life.

I’ve learned my lesson. I will be more mindful of the speed limit in the city area. Normally we Malaysian drivers only worry about speed limit when driving out station, not when we’re in the city.

If you want to check saman, you can refer to the following sites:

MyEG (I like this site because you can also renew your road tax)

Rilek (reminds me of relax la brader, haha)

3 thoughts on “Saman”

  1. expensive.. nvr got any speeding summon before coz i drive like a tortoise..

    Adino: Better to drive like a tortoise… save petrol, increased safety, and most of all no speeding tickets.

  2. yea will bt dono where to pay in subang..parents gave the money liao

    Adino: I don’t think you can pay in Subang. You can only pay at the traffic police HQ. I think you have to go to Shah Alam. Alternative is, you can pay online at MyEG.

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