Sad Dreams

I’m feeling really sad these past two days.

I’ve not had a good night sleep, because I’ve been having sad dreams.

Two nights ago, I dreamt that Sushi my loyal Shih Tzu died by turning into a piece of ham.

Last night I dreamt that he died.

I’m really depressed. Last night my wife told me that my sister told her that Sushi is still waiting for me to come home every night.

A new neighbour moved in next to my parent’s house, and they have the same car as me.

My heart breaks when I think of Sushi being disappointed day after day.

I think dogs don’t have memories and can’t reason. So imagine him waking up every day wondering where I am, and then day after day, evening after evening having his poor little heart broken when I don’t turn up.

I really miss my doggy.

Poey Chin thinks I’m being silly of course. But I guess you won’t understand if you’ve never owned a dog.

I’m going back to see Sushi this weekend. I miss him terribly.

Hang in there Sushi, ko ko (elder brother) is coming home soon!

9 thoughts on “Sad Dreams”

  1. Its a great feeling when you reach home and your dog jumps up and runs to you excitedly to greet you…with its tail wagging tirelessly..
    Oh! dear! I miss my dog too!

    Well…Adino at least you can still visit Sushi!!! Enjoy your weekend!

    Adino: It’s wonderful to have such a loyal friend isn’t it?

    Nowadays I don’t come to Kota Kemuning so often anymore, since my parents come to my place and also it’s quite far to travel.

    Have a great weekend too!

  2. Man’s best friend. Their eyes seem to tell wonders. 🙂

    Adino: Yeah. Sometimes I talk to him and suspect he can understand what I’m telling him.

  3. Sushi is so loyal… I wonder if my Kelly would miss me if I moved out of my home? Probably not. She only waits for my mom. Haha.

    Adino: I fed him, played with him and trained him since he was a puppy, so I guess that’s why


  4. “I think dogs don’t have memories and can’t reason.”

    Now that doesn’t sound very nice for Sushi. 😉

    So when do you intend to visit him?

    Adino: I will visit him this weekend.

  5. I heard few stories about something happened to the owners and their dogs never give up waiting for them every single day. I think that is so true – dogs are part of our lives but we are everything to them!

    Have you ever consider keeping him in your condo?
    My sister has a Shih Tzu. We don’t keep her in the cage, in fact the cage is her toilet =) Basically, she’s free to run and play around in the house. At night, she would sleep with me (on my bed). So when she gets nightmare, I could hug her and comfort her.

    We used to live in an apartment in Kota Kemuning. About a year ago, we moved into a linked house. So far no bad experience of keeping a Shih Tzu in an apartment or a house. Overall, she behaves well even when left alone in the house.

    Adino: Shih Tzus make excellent indoor pets. I can’t keep him in my condo because of my baby. It’s not so advisable to have pets when baby’s immune system is not strong.

  6. Hope this weekend will make up for some lost time.

    p/s Have Rachel and Sushi been introduced?:)

    Adino: Not yet, the last time I brought them together they ignored each other


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