RT Pastry House Hokkaido Cake

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Last week my office colleagues were placing orders for RT Pastry House Hokkaido Cakes, so I decided to put in my name and I got this on my desk a few days later.

Even the description on the box promised a delicious treat. A well packaged product, though I wish the caution sign would be translated into English.

RT Pastry House Hokkaido Cake 1

A peek inside the box shows half a dozen cakes. In this photo I focused on the RT Pastry House logo on the box.

RT Pastry House Hokkaido Cake 2

You can see the tempting icing sugar generously sprinkled on top.

RT Pastry House Hokkaido Cake 3

They looked like flat cupcakes or maybe muffins with icing sugar sprinkled on top. Also reminds me of square scones.

RT Pastry House Hokkaido Cake 4

I took them out of the box and lined them up in a row.

RT Pastry House Hokkaido Cake 5

I cut one open to show you how it looks like inside. A light sponge cake cream filling. I only have one word to describe the taste. Sweet.

RT Pastry House Hokkaido Cake 6

Each box of six cakes cost RM13.80.

RT Pastry House has outlets in Taman Desa, Subang, Puchong and Klang.

They are not paying me to publish this post. Just trying to show you some photos I took, plus Poey Chin is a fan of their pastries and cakes.

2 thoughts on “RT Pastry House Hokkaido Cake”

  1. Yummy..its very nice darling, thanks for the treat i enjoyed every bit of it!

    Adino: You’re welcome 🙂

  2. Guess what? I have this box in my fridge right now. Down to 2 hokkaido cakes! I love their cakes and breads (especially their mini croissant). Yummy!

    Adino: What a coincidence! Hehe.

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