Reset Button Saved Me RM400

Last Friday the water heater in my second bathroom failed to work. The power was on, but the heater just didn’t work.

This water heater was inherited from the previous condo owner, so I guess it has to be more than 5 or 6 years old.

It is an Ariston brand water heater, and I assume it lasted so long because it is an imported brand.

My parents adviced me to get a new one because the water heater was so old.

This morning I checked out the prices in the store and a new Panasonic water heater with installation comes up to RM400.

Having recently spent so much money on baby Daryl, I decided to try getting an electrician to come take a look first.

I came home, studied the water heater and I noticed a little Reset button at the top of the heater. I pressed the button, and voila, the heater worked again!

So happy that I managed to delay replacing my water heater, and saving so much money!

Photo By: renaissancechambara

4 thoughts on “Reset Button Saved Me RM400”

  1. Haha like this also can! 🙂

    Adino: Good thing it worked! Else I was ready to open up the heater to look inside already

  2. Hey. do check for electric leakages as those olden days heaters are not so good at that.

    the test button is really for testing, and i believe it tripped last time for a reason.

    and do check the circuit box (the rows of switches in the living room) to make sure the ELCB is 0.03 and not 0.3

    Adino: I’ll do that, thanks!

  3. what does call do?

    Adino: Ohh, this is not the actual photo of my water heater. It’s just a random reset button image.

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