A Quick Update

I’m sure you would have noticed by now that I have merged posts from my frugal blog back to my main blog.

If the topic of personal finance is not your cup of tea, please do bear with me. There are only four more posts scheduled for the next couple of weeks. Fresh posts will resume shortly.

If you’ve never visited my frugal blog before, do stay tuned for my next four “republished” posts. They are the best of my best.

Being Focused

It feels better to be focused. Initially I thought having more blogs equals more blogging income. The result was I ended up neglecting all the blogs and subsequently income was halved.

Now there is just one voice nagging me to publish a fresh post each day.

Things have also changed in the past one or two years. Facebook and Twitter have become quick micro-blogging alternatives.

Social networking sites could have made blogging redundant for some.

My life is much simpler maintaining just this one blog.

Moving Forward

I feel like such a “manager” when I say that. That’s what my bosses say all the time, “moving forward…”

This blog is almost three years old. I believe that it is time to alter some of the subjects I write about.

My life has changed. I’m now a father and my mind is filled with different things compared to three years ago.

I’m preoccupied with getting a grasp on fatherhood, of improving my wealth, of moving ahead in my career.

Getting older also means that I’m thinking more about the past.

What Is This Blog About

I ask myself… what else can I blog about? Seriously, there are thousands of bloggers out there who do a better job blogging. Every conceivable topic has been blogged to death a hundred times.

The answer is a few other questions.

What do I want to be known for? What comes to mind when people think about Adino Chang? What benefits can my readers get? How can give them more value?

These questions will be on my mind every time I draft a blog post.

Thank You

I want to end with a word of thanks to my readers. Sometimes I go back and  re-read the comments you leave.

It brings a smile to my face when I remember the times we shared jokes, and I’m touched by how you leave me helpful advice and tips.

I thank those silent readers who regularly read my posts. I don’t know who you are, but the stats tell me that you are here with me.

I hope my re-focused blog will give you all a better reading experience.

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1 thought on “Refocused”

  1. Hey Adino, I’ll always read your blog no matter what you post about so keep on blogging! 🙂

    Adino: Thank! Just thought I’d better state down my plan, so that everyone is clear

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