Reflections 2010

Grand Canyon by Enrico Nunziati

We’re in the last 10 days of the decade.

Have you taken some time to reflect on the year?

This was a special year for me and my family. It seems more eventful compared to previous years.


I started the year picking up two new hobbies, bowling and chess.

My knees hurt too much after bowling, so that led me to start exercising to strengthen my legs.

Before I knew it, I was losing 1 or 2 kg a week. Getting fit again was certainly one of my happiest achievements for the year.

I also developed the urge to make simple things like apple piebread, cheese cake and cookies.

Highest and Lowest

The lowest point for me has to be my father in law passing away. It was a difficult time for everyone, and Poey Chin suffered a lot of pain.

One week after he passed away, Poey Chin gave birth to baby Daryl. This is the highest point of the year for me.

Daryl was a comfort in the time of grieving. He is always cheerful and smiling. He is such a special boy.


Having a toddler and a baby at the same time is really challenging. Our finances, patience, sanity, time and wits were stretched. It would be impossible to have made it without the help of my parents, my kai ma, and my mother-in-law.

I struggle trying to discipline Rachel. Sometimes she’s disobedient, rude and stubborn which makes me furious. I’ve screamed at her so many times.

But sometimes she becomes my sweet baby daughter and I have to remind myself she’s only two years old. She’s learning so fast now and it’s a joy to watch her do something new every other day.


This was a challenging year at work. We failed a major project and had to recover from that. Then we had to come out with quick win projects to redeem ourselves, and restart the major project.


We had nice holidays to Port Dickson, Cameron Highlands and Penang. My favourite was definitely Port Dickson. Probably it was the most relaxing trip because Daryl was still in the womb.

I had my first massage.

I lost my wedding ring, and Poey Chin found it again.

I got a new toy this year, my Samsung Galaxy S Android phone. It is no doubt, a very useful device. But sometimes I think I could have lived without one too.

We sent both kids to day care and though it seems like an unnecessary expense, it helps to give us a break. We get to recover our energy to spend quality time with out kids, rather than being stressed and tired all the time.

What I Could Have Done Better

I could have been more patient. I struggle to control my impatience and unrealistic expectations.

I have to learn how to control my temper.

At work, I could have been more balanced in my role. Due to tight deadlines I was too busy rushing programming job but I neglected my colleagues.

I could have planned better. I still feel we are wasting a lot of resources at home. I have to find ways to organize and streamline. I have to eliminate and reduce. I have to find smarter alternatives.

I should attend church more often and get my inner life back in order.

How Was Your 2010?

Was your year eventful too? What were your highest and lowest experiences?

Feel free to share in the comments or share your thoughts in your blog (and link here).

Photo by: Enrico Nunziati

3 thoughts on “Reflections 2010”

  1. it’s strange that you picked up chess at this stage of your life when you have to cope with unsuccessful work projects, a toddler and a baby. perhaps we can have a game one day?

    there’s no obvious high/low in my life this year, but i did have some anxious moments, eg. having the daughter study in s’pore, going on vacation feeling inadequately prepared. the new things acquired this year incl a htc smartphone, a car and a dSLR, none of which i can confidently say i have mastered.

    what i did for the 1st time are giving a message in church and leading worship.

    all in all, i can say that for this year, i have been contented & happy.

    Adino: I happened to pick up a book on chess at the library, and started playing after that. I’ve been playing off and on over the years, but this is the first time I actually took some effort to improve and learn some tactics. Having said that, I’m not very good. Probably intermediate level at best. I play on / facebook chess so you can find me there.

    I would have to say that you have done quite a lot of impressive things this year!

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