Rachel’s Latest Antics

My darling daughter has been up to some new antics lately… she’s almost seven months old now, and she has started growing out of the infant stage.

She’s becoming quite an active baby.

The first thing is, she can now sit up by herself without any help from us. She did fall down on her face a couple of times, but she learned from the painful experience and she’s more careful now.

The second thing she can do is crawl around. I use the term crawling quite liberally, because most of the time she’s either swimming across our floor or doing a caterpilar movement.

The third new development is she’s starting to take in rice cereal mixed with milk. Feeding times are sooo messy.

I feel like she’s growing too fast. Before I know it, some young punk is going to steal her heart and marry her away from me

*sob sob*

10 thoughts on “Rachel’s Latest Antics”

  1. oh dear..she is just so so cute..
    too bad i had to leave early on sunday or else i will be camwhoring with her…
    she must be wondering who is this jie jie..haha her litte fingers is so cute when she grabbed my finger

    Adino: It’s too bad you left early. Maybe next time you can come earlier before 9:30 so you can take photos with baby Rachel, and maybe easier to find parking too

  2. oh yes… just as what my mom say “zham ha ngan zhao dai gor jor..” (in a blink of a eye, all grown up)

    my mom still won’t accept the fact i’ve turned 21.. XD

    Adino: Yeah, it seems that time passes really quick

  3. Awww…it will be some time before THAT happens la, Adino! Enjoy her growing up years! I love her expression in that last photo, which seems to say, “Huh? Why you hold the camera like dat?”

    Adino: Haha… I think she was saying “Taking photos again…. when can I have some privacy?”

  4. It’s nice to see every stage of her development process; I learn quite a bit about babies from that.

    Adino: When you have your own baby you will learn even more!

  5. Haha
    You should savour this moment
    As within a blink of eyes, she will be climbing all over (your door, any stack-up boxes, your cupboard, your chairs…)

    Adino: I’m trying to enjoy each moment and each new experience with her. I know it will never come again once past.

  6. her hair so cute… did you purposely make it stand like that? hehehe..

    Adino: It stood up all by itself hehe

  7. the milestone pass by so fast. before u know it, another is on the way.

    Adino: Yes, it’s like something new happens every day. I have to admit that it’s very tiring but I’m trying not to miss anything

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