Rachel’s First Dress

Ceri , my cousin from UK bought Rachel a pretty dress. I’ve said before that babies without a lot of hair do not look nice in a dress, but I think I changed my mind.

Ta da! Rachel wearing her first dress!
Baby posing for daddy. I can imagine her in her wedding dress *sob sob*
A different angle
My baby girl is growing up too quickly!
She started to get restless, so it was her cue to end the photo shoot session.

9 thoughts on “Rachel’s First Dress”

  1. I can imagine her in her wedding dress *sob sob*

    Haha. Make sure you dress her up in lots and lots of pretty dresses because before you know it, she’ll only be wearing jeans and tees.

    Adino: hehe… but… dresses are so expensive!

  2. aww..she looks so lovely! and glowing too~!

    Adino: Really glowing? Don’t be fooled, she may look like an angel but she’s got a bad temper!


  3. Babies without hair DO look nice in dresses (I was once such baby…I think Rachel has more hair 😀 )! Aren’t daughters lovely? Can play dress up 😉

    Adino: Dress up costs money, but you’re right they look nice and sweet!


  4. See? I told ya Rachel would look gorgeous in a dress. 😀

    Eh, daddy, don’t get all sentimental on us now… it’s just her first dress and already you’re thinking of her wedding dress? Way too far into the future, man… *wink*

    Adino: I get these glimpes into the future… don’t know if it’s my imagination or it’s some kind of superpower!

  5. She does look so sweet and pretty!

    p/s I was born bald and my mom put me on dresses to avoid people calling ‘boy boy’ 😛

    Adino: That’s so cute! Got any photos?

  6. Got at least one in a dress…errrr but I did look like a boy in a dress! 🙁 …unlike Rachel so sweet! 🙂

    Adino: Hehe…

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