Rachel’s First Day at Kindergarten

Rachel started kindergarten a couple of days ago.

She will be 5 years old in 2013. Yes, so fast!

I feel happy for her and I’m so proud of her. She is starting her path of formal education.

There’s so much for her out there, and the possibilities for her are endless.

I feel a little sad because she’s taking her first independent steps. I will become a lesser part of her life now.

I still think she’s my baby, especially when I look at her baby photos on this blog.

rachel chang kindy 1st day - 1

She was very excited to go to kindergarten. Her cousins are there and some of her daycare friends will be in the same class. They’re all excited but I keep reminding her to make new friends.

Rachel complaining about something in the elevator.

rachel chang kindy 1st day - 2

I can tell Poey Chin is pretty excited about Rachel going to kindy. She will pack Rachel’s bag every night and prepare Rachel’s uniform. I kind of feel that’s what my mother-in-law did for Poey Chin too.

Thankfully Rachel didn’t cry this time. She was nervous and shy at first but better after seeing some familiar friends.

rachel chang kindy 1st day - 3

She tells us she loves going to kindergarten. That’s a big relief.

When we first sent her to daycare 2 years ago, every morning was a session of screaming and refusing to get in the car.

Now she tells me not to fetch her to school. She wants to follow the van with all her friends.

We’ve enrolled her in a Chinese syllabus class, so she’ll be learning in Mandarin most of the time. We only speak English at home so I don’t know if she will speak Mandarin, but I think she should be ok.

The first day went quite well and I would say it’s quite a smooth transition.

I haven’t written much about Rachel recently, with Caleb stealing the limelight. She has grown to be a sweet girl. Sometimes she can be naughty and drive me mad, but I guess that’s normal.

Nowadays she’s into princess stuff. Princess this, princess that. See the photo above? Her bag and water bottle are Disney princess.

Daryl started going to daycare too. He cried a little but he was ok after a while. He is quite sociable and outgoing so he’s been doing well this week.

3 thoughts on “Rachel’s First Day at Kindergarten”

  1. Our baby girl has grown so much, in another two years will be in primary uniform 🙂 So proud of her, at least now she doesn’t make fuss when go to school and waking up early.

    Adino: She’s exceeded our expectations, what a relief she’s taking it well.

  2. don’t believe for a moment that you will become less a part of her life just because she’s started school. nurture her well & you’ll both forever be a part of each other’s life.

    Adino: Thanks, I hope that can happen

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