Rachel’s First Birthday

This is a long overdue post about Rachel’s first birthday.

We celebrated her first birthday on May 9th, and invited relatives over to our condo for a small birthday party.

This is her birthday cake. Cost something like RM150. It looks so pretty!

Cooking Mama Poey Chin cooked this plate of fried mihun. She also cooked a plate of maggi goreng.

Grandma made some red eggs.

Daddy got a bucket of KFC.

There was a lot of other food as well. There was roast duck from Uncle John, chicken curry, fried veges and rojak buah!

Another shot of the cake, to show you how the sides were decorated.

The candle blowing session. For weeks I taught Rachel how to ‘blow blow’ but she ended up not knowing what to do.

Looking on are Rachel’s Uncle Eric and Cousin Ethan.

Baby Rachel eating her birthday cake.

There were a lot more photos, but I didn’t post them up because I’m not sure if my family allowed me to post their photos online or not.

On that day I remember looking back through the past one year of her life.

How she has changed everything, and how much joy she brought to us.

There were many difficult moments, but I guess we’ve learned from those experiences.

I love you girl girl. I hope you can read this in the future and see how everyone loves you so much.

9 thoughts on “Rachel’s First Birthday”

  1. Gasp. RM150!

    I still remember, our first cake cost a lot.
    Then over the years, the cake shrank in size, as well as the budget, LOL

    Adino: Yeah it cost a lot, you can see we’re paying for the icing decoration

    Next year we plan to get her one of those cakes made from jelly.


  2. ok la..
    150 is worth it…
    so fast she’s one already…
    still remember those days when eveyone was excited abt her appearance..hehe…

    such a sweet sweet girl.. 🙂

    Adino: Yeah, looking back it seems fast. But going through those first few months… it feels like eternity.

  3. Wow… so fast baby Rachel is 1 year old dy… no more baby, eh? Happy Belated Birthday to Rachel girl!

    Adino: She will always be my baby


  4. Happy birthday Rachael. Adino, Congrats on an uneventful Ist year of fatherhood 🙂 You havent been pulling yr hair in frustration or anything so that is good hahahah

    Adino: I won’t say its uneventful haha

  5. Hooray for Rachel!

    That is one fancy birthday party: so much food and all. 🙂

    Adino: It was just a simple party


  6. congrats! 1st milestone & many, many more to come. i’m sure the journey will labour-intensive but never mind, “she ain’t heavy, she’s your baby!”

    Adino: Thanks!

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