Rachel’s Cute Baby Photos

Today I’m going to show you some photos of Rachel that I’ve taken over the past two weeks. For those of you who are new readers to this blog, Rachel is my new cute China-doll baby.

Here are some cute baby photographs for your enjoyment. I should make cute baby posters with these! (Ignore this bit of SEO!) I have never seen such an adorable Asian baby!

I apologize if some of the shots look out of focus. I’m not using any flash so some of the photos need longer exposure (and babies move).

Mama’s devotion
Her normal sleeping posture.
I’m comparing her body size with my foot size, not trying to step on her
Aaarrgghhh daddy! Don’t step on me!
Tell those pink elephants upstairs to stop stomping around!
Daddy I want to start dating when I’m 13 can ah? Close one eye la…
Stretching to grow taller
Practice supermodeling pose… but I think she’s just having some gas
Peaceful sleep… we’re happy and she’s happy
Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Doooooo!
Eh, what is my silly daddy doing now?

14 thoughts on “Rachel’s Cute Baby Photos”

  1. She’s so precious! reminds me of Abby when she was newborn, she also liked to sleep like that! you;re making me broody lah weii…

    Adino: Quickly dig out your baby photos and look at them again!

  2. I wonder what Ratchel is thinking while you took these photos…

    Adino: She loves to frown at the camera (like the last photo)… like it’s disturbing her.

  3. Rachel looks like you, adino! 😀

    And uh, is your leg very large or is Rachel tiny? Or is it the shooting angle? Cos that photo with your foot… macam sama size.

    Adino: I got 95% of the votes so far!

    My foot’s not really large… I wear size 10 shoes. Maybe it’s a combination of all three.

  4. wa wa…my lil sis so cute…
    she has the pinky chubby cheek..
    and i love her eyes… 😛

    Adino: She has her mummy’s beautiful eyes

  5. Awww she’s simply adorable! Love the yawning photo :p

    Adino: Thanks! I’ll try to capture more of her expressions.

  6. finally i get a chanz to see Rachel photos 🙂 . so precious n cute.. but..the naughty size 10 big foot daddy…the police must b informed. poor Rachael omos kena stepped on.

    ee ooo eee ooo ( police siren sound ) coming for big foot

    Adino: I think there are other ‘BigFoot’ that needs to be caught first…

    Oops… don’t know will be arrested for sedition or not.

  7. awww – she’s beautiful. She makes me go all soft and mushy inside

    Adino: I feel the same way too!

  8. she is sooooooooooooooooooo cuttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeee. i want that baby.

    Adino: Nah, not going to give her up


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