Rachel’s Breakfast In Bed

I captured this series of photos about one month ago. I caught Rachel having some breakfast in bed by herself.

Good morning daddy. Why did you wake up so late? I’m hungry!
What are you doing with that camera? I’m just doing some morning exercises
Okay, I think daddy isn’t looking. Time for breakfast!
MUNCH! Yummy, delicious! So juicy and salty.
Oh, daddy… hi! I’m uhh… doing some morning stretches. hehe…
My foot is a harmonica. See? I’m playing it like Taylor Hicks!

7 thoughts on “Rachel’s Breakfast In Bed”

  1. Haha she’s such a cutie…*salty feet*

    when you see a baby doign that, it’s so cute.. imagine if you were to do the same poses and put it up on your blog.. hahha…

    Adino: I don’t think I’m that flexible haha

  2. I’m not so sure Taylor Hicks plays the harmonica does he? Hahaha Oh well. Dear Rachel you be the best harmonica player ever ok?

    Go GO Go, I sense the musicianshipness in your blood. Its there….Maybe just maybe I’ll be forced to be your music teacher one day 😛 So you better work hard from now….got very high standard wan you know……hahahaha…..

    Adino: I sense the musicianshipness too. She is strong in the force. Maybe we will look for you one day to train this padawan Master Leon.

  3. It looks like you are trying to make a movie: try looking at all the photos in order – you get a pretty nice sequence. 🙂

    Adino: Shhh… don’t tell my secret. Sometimes my ‘series’ of photos all take place within seconds. Thank God for the rapid-fire shot function in cameras!

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