Rachel’s 3rd Birthday Party

Two weeks ago we celebrated Rachel’s third birthday. We invited our immediate families over for a simple home-cooked dinner. It was a week day so it started quite late.

While the adults ate, the kids mostly played and went wild.

Poey Chin got some party masks and party blowers for the kids. Here’s Ethan kor kor with a cow mask.

Rachel joining in the action. She copies everything he does.

Lucas ti ti playing with a balloon. He’s a few months younger than Rachel, but she is always bullying him.

They went over to Daryl’s crib for a while.

Poor Daryl couldn’t join in the fun.

He spent most of the evening with ma ma and yeh yeh.

Time for cake and desserts. This was a Tigger and Pooh themed fondant cake. It was our first time trying this type of cake. It looked nice but doesn’t taste as good as icing.

Trying to get a family photo.

Rachel was supposed to blow the candle but she was too shy. Funny how she pretends to blow candles every night when we sing her bedtime songs, but she doesn’t want to do it now.

She just clung close to me.

The cake after the candle had been removed. The balloons on the cake were the first to go. On the side is a mixed fruit agar-agar I made.

We asked Rachel to cut the birthday cake. I love how she looks when she concentrates.

I cut up the rest of the cake. The filling was a vanilla-orange cake.

Rachel having her slice of cake.

A very big bite from a very big slice.

Even more cake.

Sugar high.

By that time, Daryl was so tired because it was past his bedtime.

Presents time!

Rachel got this set of pots and pans from Uncle Eric and Aunty Lydia.

She got a pretty dress from my in-laws Eric and Wai Cheng.

She got a Barbie car from Aunty Judy, and my cousins (she should call them Aunty Janelle, Aunty Jasmyne and Uncle Jarron). She tried to sit on top of the car, so we quickly stuffed her monkey inside so she would get the idea that it’s not for her to sit on.

She also received some ang pau money, which will go into her savings account for her college education.

It was a nice dinner. Thanks everyone for coming, thanks for the presents and thanks Eric for taking photos!


7 thoughts on “Rachel’s 3rd Birthday Party”

  1. Love her eating birthday cake look and Daryl’s sleepy look. Haha

    Adino: Yeah she can’t even wait for us to put on a plate and get a spoon, she just grabbed with her hand.

  2. Happy 3rd Birthday to Rachel! 🙂

    p.s. You look like you’ve lost a fair bit of weight in the photos, Adino! 🙂

    Adino: Yeah compared to last time, but haven’t lost any weight in the past year though… maybe it’s the camera angle only hehe.

  3. You’re a very blessed father and what a lucky man – wife great cook some more!

    Happy 3rd to little Rachel!

    Adino: Thanks!

  4. i know this is going to sound corny, but i can imagine these are the type of photos you’d put up as a slide show at Rachel’s wedding!

    ha ha!

    Adino: Tell you a secret, I imagine things like that when I attend weddings hehe.

  5. happy birthday dear rachel!!!

    p/s: adino u have lost weight!! *CLAPS*

    Adino: Hehe thanks but I think is the camera angle only

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