Rachel October 2010

Last week I showed you some photos of our son Daryl, so today I’m gonna show you some photos of our toddler Rachel.

After dinner on Sunday, there was some daylight left so I took out my camera and let Rachel run around the grassy area next to our car park.

Cute pose. You can see her teeth are coming out nicely, and she has those cute dimples when she smiles.

Her hair is naturally brown, she got that from mummy.

Rachel Chang October 2010

Rachel really loves to sing. She sings day and night.

She tells me she wants to play the guitar all the time, but she is too small. Sometimes she sits on my lap and I let her strum for a while.

Maybe when she’s ready, we’ll start her with some piano lessons.

Rachel Chang October 2010

This is an accidental shot, she was looking at Poey Chin. I like it because it looks like she is looking to her bright future.

Endless possibilities.

Rachel Chang October 2010

It was still early so we headed to Tropicana City mall.

Rachel Chang October 2010 Tropicana City

Lucky bird. She remembers the ‘Big Bird and Elmo’ ride even though we haven’t been there in months.

Rachel Chang October 2010 Tropicana City

She has started her first week of day care, I don’t think she’s fully adjusted.

Some other developments are her language skills. She can speak full sentences now, and absorbs words like a sponge.

She can even pick up Cantonese phrases.

We’re careful what we say around her nowadays.

Another surprise is her potty training. We stopped her from wearing diapers at home, and now she’s gotten used to using the potty.

I think she found it uncomfortable after a few times wetting herself.

The surprise is, she doesn’t even want to use the potty now. She wants to use the toilet so grandpa and grandma got her a child toilet seat.

I always thought it would be difficult to toilet train her, but I guess it’s easy because she was ready for it. It would have been tough if she wasn’t ready and we had to force her.

The final development is her obsession with jeans. She loves wearing jeans everywhere. I think she would sleep in them if she could.

She still drives me crazy, but I just have to remind myself she is a two year old, not a twelve year old so I have to adjust my expectations.

I’m really grateful to my parents and aunty for helping out with Rachel, giving us a break when we need it.

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  1. I thought kids are suppose to be like that… drive their parents mad. Hahaha 😛

    I like the last picture. Very sweet.

    Adino: I suppose… they are testing their boundaries.

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