Rachel November 2011

Rachel has grown up rather quickly in the past few months.

She’s three and-a-half years old, but she seems to behave older than that. Maybe she mixes with older kids at her daycare, but the way she speaks seems to be beyond her years.

She has grown taller now, and she’s lost her baby chubbiness.

She loves to dress up, do up her hair and put on perfume.

Rachel has mastered her ABCs. Now she’s learning phonic sounds and I’m teaching her to read.

She likes to do colouring and writing.

201111 rachel 1

She’s too young to really know how to write. She can trace the words but take away the guide and she can’t remember how to write.

201111 rachel 2

There are a lot of useful YouTube videos that are excellent resources to teach Rachel how to read.

201111 rachel 3

Poey Chin is a huge influence on Rachel. Rachel follows everything she does, from the way she walks, to the way she moves and even the way she talks.

She always wants to play “mother” to Caleb, but we are still watchful.

201111 rachel 4

Sometimes my mother will occupy Rachel’s attention with some computer games.

201111 rachel 5

Rachel loves playing this memory game, which I think is useful for her mental development.

201111 rachel 6

She loves doing jigsaw puzzles too.

I still have my frustrating moments with Rachel. You would expect her to grow out of her “baby” stage but sometimes she will be so unreasonable and be worse than her baby brothers.

She really upsets me sometimes… she can be so stubborn.

But I still love her so much, even if I’m strict with her. She can be so sweet and adorable.

201111 rachel 7

She is starting to understand things if we take the time to explain to her the reasons.

I’m really happy that she stopped making a fuss before going to daycare. It’s a normal part of her daily routine now.

In the next few months I hope she can continue learning, and she will learn to be more understanding and obedient.



3 thoughts on “Rachel November 2011”

  1. Hi, any good material for teaching Phonics? Ben’s nursery did not teach Phonics 🙁 He likes books much and he always try to read the words even though he does not know, what a pity. Too bad, I dunno phonics :-p

    Adino: So far I’ve been using YouTube videos. You can search for “phonic songs”. Rachel learns to sing along, then when we are reading I remind her of the letter sounds through the songs.

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