Rachel November 2010

Here are some latest photos of Rachel girl.

She loves wearing jeans everywhere. She would wear them to bed if we let her.

rachel chang november 2010

Playing with the camera lens cap. She has lost the baby look, and now she looks like a young child.

rachel chang november 2010

Rachel smiling with nice white teeth.

rachel chang november 2010

Trying to climb the table.

She is really strong-willed. Now she likes to arrange her toys and books in a certain way. Sometimes she even rearranges all the cushions in our living room.

Poey Chin said she gets that from me.

rachel chang november 2010

Someone suggested that her temperament comes with a strong creative side.

I don’t really put much weight into that, because it’s too young to tell.

I think she’s just testing her boundaries (and the boundaries of our sanity) to see what she can get away with. She is trying to be independent, which is good, but in some situations it could be dangerous when she refuses to listen to our instructions.

2 thoughts on “Rachel November 2010”

  1. she looks like she is going to be a beauty one day. give her room to grow, make mistakes just b there with her before any major damage is done

    Adino: Thanks for the advice!

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