Rachel In Red

Here are some photos of baby Rachel in a a matching pair of Disney clothes. She’s wearing a pink side-button long sleeve blouse and a pair of red long pants.

Daddy, are you taking my photo again?
At this stage Rachel loves to be on the floor rather than on the mattress. Maybe it’s cooler there. She has knocked her head the few times she flipped around too quickly. 
Rachel making a funny face that somehow reminds me of my dad.
She loves chewing on her fingers. Sometimes we catch her secretly chewing away under her blanket. Teeth should be coming out soon. 
She’s like a cobra when she raises her head and moves around. Maybe I should try to do some snake charm music later hehe

5 thoughts on “Rachel In Red”

  1. the 3rd pic make me goes gugugaga….
    she is getting cuter each day..
    adino u better becareful ah as she grows up..

    Adino: Aiyo, I already very careful!

  2. reminds u of yr dad? reminds me of u. the play gym post too was cute. the next post of coz will b of daddy sweating it out at a real gym? use a pail. hold a pail, park yr belly in the pail and n u can run faster n longer? hahahahahahaahahahahahahahah

    Adino: Hahaha I don’t think you will ever see me in a gym. I’m too shy!

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