Rachel Girl Photos and Baby Daryl Video

Here are some updated photos of Rachel.

Rachel really looks beautiful and cute.

Rachel Chang

She will forever have a special place in my heart. I hope I can be in her heart too.

That’s not a bracelet on her left wrist. It’s Poey Chin’s hair band. She’s starting to be picky about choosing her own clothes, and she likes to wear pretty things.

Rachel Chang

Tried to get sun flare effect but I think I failed haha… looks over-exposed. But you can’t imagine how difficult it was to get her to pose like that. And I had seconds to take the shot.

Rachel Chang

A video of baby Daryl I recently put on Facebook. He is starting to smile when he recognizes us, or when we play with him. He is also starting to make some baby talk.

Listen closely during the trumpet (or sax?) solo to hear Daryl’s voice.

I uploaded it to YouTube to share with you all:

1 thought on “Rachel Girl Photos and Baby Daryl Video”

  1. Awww Rachel is cheeky and beautiful!
    (thought the hairband looks cool on her hand; like a Hawaiian bracelet)

    The sudden smile from Daryl… haha so cute.

    Adino: Sometimes she want to wear pretty dress to go to sleep, and most of the time refuse to wear those pajamas that looks a bit old. Hope I don’t have to keep buying new clothes for her, or is this going to continue until her teens?

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