Rachel at Genting Highlands

Last week we brought Rachel to Genting Highlands for her first ever holiday. She was a good girl, and slept in her baby car seat throughout the journey.

We stayed at Awana Genting Highlands, which brought back a lot of wonderful memories since we went there during our honeymoon.

The food at Awana was really disappointing for the price we had to pay, but it was an enjoyable trip.

Baby Rachel wearing a beanie.
My padawan.
Her “I scream” cap. 
Daddy and baby
Mama and baby

12 thoughts on “Rachel at Genting Highlands”

  1. I like the view behind the last 2 photos. Rachel looks the cutest in the 1st photo.

    Adino: Our hotel room was quite high up, at least 15 or 16 floors up

  2. LOL @ the “my Padawan” caption. Cute leh. 😛

    On a side note, have you watched The Clone Wars yet? I’m gonna do a review on that real soon. Hehe.

    Adino: Hehe… I haven’t watched it yet. Nowadays no chance to go cinema already.

  3. She’s grown up so much … she looks so cute with the “chut-chut” in her mouth!

    Adino: Haha, yeah, if you compare older photos, the “chut chut” seems to be getting smaller in size.

  4. Hai there…

    I would like to ask on which room did you stay at Awana?
    Im planning to go there for my second honeymoon… bad choice of room/hotel would spoil the whole trip.
    Hope you can help me make my decision..
    Much thanks!


    Adino: Hi NH!

    I can’t remember which room exactly, but it was somewhere on the 13th or 14th floor.

    I think any of their rooms are excellent and spacious. Make sure you make reservations in advance.

    However, I would advice you to go there during off-peak season. Otherwise you will have to wait for everything. Food, cable car… etc.

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