Rachel and the Balloon

Poey Chin screamed.

I turned  around in alarm to see my wife hunched over in fear.Her hands were covering her ears. Her eyes were shut tight.

“Rachel,” she pleaded. “Don’t.”

I went over to see what Rachel was up to.

See for yourself.

Rachel and the Balloon

Rachel was mischievously sitting on a semi-deflated balloon.

The white membrane of the balloon was stretched to the limit, but it did not break.

You can’t see from the photo, but the words on the balloon seemed to caption her thoughts perfectly.

“I’m lovin it”

She even bounced a few times on it just to get a reaction out of us.

The balloon died a quiet death a few days later as it deflated to the size of an orange.

4 thoughts on “Rachel and the Balloon”

  1. Look at her cheeky face…so NOTTY!!! but that’s our baby..:) still got to love her..

    Adino: Yes, she’s cheeky and cute when she’s not having a tantrum

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